Thank you for two amazing days at RDC!

Hi Everyone,

Roblox is home to one of the world’s most passionate and innovative creator communities. Your commitment to raising the bar and pushing boundaries has been instrumental in driving our platform’s vision. That’s why it’s always a thrill to celebrate you, alongside thousands of creators every year, at the Roblox Developer Conference. RDC 23 was truly an amazing celebration of creativity and community.

We share your disappointment that we were unable to host the Roblox Innovation Awards in person, and our founder and CEO David Baszucki wanted to share a few words.

As David shared, our team is already working on a way to celebrate this year’s nominees and winners. More to come on that soon.

We also want to take this opportunity to commend those who came together across the city to celebrate each other’s successes and unite. Your dedication and support have left us amazed and we are lucky to have the community we have today. Special thanks to the developers who rallied to bring our community together after RDC.

So much was shared and discussed during our two days together at RDC. From the keynotes, to showcasing Roblox on new platforms, to the packed two days talking about the optimistic future of this community… we hope this sparks another year of innovation and creativity across the platform. More details on our product announcements can be found here.

Thank you.


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Cannot wait to see who won the 2023 Roblox Innovation Awards! (I was streaming live on YouTube when I got the news that the Innovation Awards got cancelled.)


While it was a bummer that the Innovation Awards couldn’t happen on the 9th, RDC 2023 was still overall an amazing event like all the previous ones. A lot of amazing announcements and some interesting technology were showcased. I had a blast even if I wasn’t invited and simply just watched the keynotes and whatnot.

And of course; at the end of the day the safety of attendees is more important than an award show, cancelling it in the name of safety was and will forever be the right decision.


It might not have ended the way we wanted but, until next year! Looking forward to the innovation awards, I can’t wait to see what people have done to push the boundaries of the platform!

Thanks to all the creators and staff that made this event possible!


Bless the group that came together to organize that party out of nothing, and the generosity of the hotel Caza in giving us all access to their ballroom was truly astounding. Making the best of a bad situation. :heart: It was a wonderful night getting to hang out with everyone.


We want to thank you for doing everything you could to keep all of us safe and informed. The Roblox community is one of the most creative, kind, and resilient communities I’ve ever met. We had a blast putting together and running the after parties such as the one featured here and it really showed me how strong we are together. Until next year!!!


RDC these past few days have been super fun and had the time of my life there. Loved all the keynotes and meeting tons of new developers! Still super sad to hear that the Innovation Awards was cancelled on the 9th but it was for good reasons and I’m glad you guys made sure to keep the community safe! Happy to hear that an alternative is being made for the Innovation Awards so I’m looking forward to that. I’m also super proud of the community and the help of Hotel Caza coming together to help organize an alternative event for bringing back the positivity that night! Can’t wait to see everyone again next year!


Despite the issues surrounding the innovation awards I had an absolute blast seeing everyone. Lots of excitement surrounding the updates and announcements made at RDC23 thanks for hosting an amazing event. Can’t wait for RDC24!


Despite not being allowed into RDC due to the age requirement, I had a very fun time in San Francisco! I met a lot of my friends, developers, YouTubers, etc. in person for the first time, which was sick. Thank you for the people who organized a bunch of the parties I’ve attended for letting me in, it was so fun just joining in as a “virtual RDC attendee” and meeting so many new people, and those who recognized me. It was a bummer seeing the Innovation Awards being canceled though, as we were organizing a big watch party that ended up turning into a Karaoke Night. But, safety comes first, so thanks Roblox for keeping all the developers safe.

Looking forward to my actual first in-person RDC next year, and the Innovation Awards! :slight_smile:


It was an extreme disappointment that some people felt like it was necessary to ruin the happiness of hundreds and hundreds of people because they thought it was funny, or because they didn’t get what they want.

Roblox did the right decision, and it was an honor attending RDC 2023. Thank you David Baszucki, thank you everyone. May we meet again in the future.


Why did Roblox leave in-person attendees out on the curb minutes before the event started instead of protecting us?

Hundreds of us were left extremely vulnerable with no actionable information from Roblox.

This should have been addressed first and foremost.


Despite not having innovation awards it was still extremely enjoyable, had the pleasure of meeting up with people I’ve known for a long time and meeting new friends too. Also not to mention the free Meta Quest Pros are pretty sick, TSA immediately recognized they were from RDC lmao

Looking forward to RDC24!


Awesome to see more players having the chance now to be able to play VR, very thoughtful of Roblox!


When exactly are we supposed to see more information concerning the supposed UGC changes that are happening soon?

Because according to this feature request below, the entire system is being overhauled to the point where only richer players can actually make a profit while many others cant.

I’ll list a few of them here just for more clarity:

  • Forcing all UGC content to go off-sale unless the creators pay monthly for Roblox Premium.

  • Forcing all UGC accessories to have a new limited stock model, where only a certain amount of copies of a single item can be sold before nobody else can buy anything.

  • Making the price of restocking a single item to be so costly to the point where people simply can’t sell anything unless they’re rich.

The amount of total costs Roblox takes from a UGC creator will basically go up to 90% in total according to multiple people on the thread, which is just insane to think about.

Many people here cannot afford to make their hard work be more like limiteds, especially when they only get 10% of their own earnings.

And some people on the thread are even saying that these changes were announced in a private panel during RDC 2023, where most the community couldn’t actually be there to hear anything about it aside from a few developers who were there.

What we need right now is some clarity about the subject at hand, since these changes will completely ruin the UGC program if they’re true.

So I’m hoping that nothing’s finalized yet, since we clearly need a say in whatever major changes are happening behind the scenes.


Welp, looks like the update is real.

Looks like we’ll be getting an answer soon.


I had a blast at my first in person RDC this year! I really enjoyed getting to chat and spend time with my fellow attendees, and it was certainly the highlight of my year. I am also ecstatic for upcoming features that were announced; specifically the new audio and fluid dynamics. Alongside these features I had a great time chatting and geeking out with some of the staff that presented on stage or had a hand in making these features a reality for the near future.

As many have already shared I too was bummed out that the Innovation Awards were to be called off for that night, but in the interest of everyones safety and security this was warranted and appropriate. Thank you to Roblox and to the security team for their handling over the entire situation.

The impromptu celebration that was arranged despite such short notice was a great time for me as well, and it was nice to hear some of the RDC veterans I spoke to mention how nostalgic it felt. Once again, major props to the people who made it happen.


RDC23 was something else. There were a lot of good memories made and I genuinely enjoyed my time and the friends I made! I last went to RDC19 in person as future years I attended virtually. This was the first year I came back in person since then. It’s very different from older years, but I think for the better. There were so many people to meet and talk with. I learned a lot as well!

It was truly sad to walk up to the Innovation Awards and be turned away right at the door. Everyone was very confused and trying to make sense of the situation, but I understand why in the end. I look forward to what Roblox does for this year’s innovation awards! And, I hope next year is just as fun!


Thanks for the conference! Had a blast at the community RDC anyways, would of definitely been disappointed if it ended at 6 pm and we all went home but we didnt :slight_smile:

Hopefully next years the venue RDC is at will be a lot more secure so we don’t have to worry about such things.


“Amazing”?! Someone was considering shooting RDC up, to my knowledge.


Despite the commotion from the series of events this year, this was still definitely one of my favorite RDCs! Thanks to the Roblox staff, FNTech crew, and all the developers who made this one memorable experience! This truly is one of the best communities in the world.

(I loved the stage tech!!!)