THANKS! Game Logo Feedback

Hi fellow devs, I am going to be making a side-scroller (my first) game for ROBLOX, but I need feedback for the (potential) logo for it. Any feedback, from kind to criticising, would be helpful.
The Logo:

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I’ll be brutally honest, I wouldn’t use this for my game. What kind of look are you going for? Modern? Cartoon? Specify, narrow it down and try to create a logo with the look you’re going for ! :sweat_smile:


Hmm. I think the text could be more “alive” if you get what I mean. Not sure how to describe it, but it’s sort of dull. I think it has potential though!


Not sure about the font of the logo, the “E” just doesn’t fit right in my eyes.


Not bad. Pretty basic, though. The credits on the bottom are pretty bland - Maybe some rendered neon stars would look good, and maybe add a white to teal gradient to the SIDE STORY text - other than that, good!

Starting us off



Sorry for the yelling but a much better approach is putting black on a layer, changing the blending mode to multiply and bringing down the opacity OR use a darkened version of the colour (included adjusting it on the RGB scale) the lack of colour really dulls this down.

Can be brought to life

The shadow as well as lack of effects - inner glow, overlays (e.g, halftone pattern, stripes) and just those subtle details that bring it to life seem to be lacking in this logo. As previously mentioned by ColeDrilla, the font could be worked on and I know someone that’s put together some great fonts for designers:


Making Game Logos: Colors (BEGINNER'S GUIDE)
Basics of Game Logo Design Process and Base Structuring Tutorial [Jan9 Update]

The roblox logo community also features great resources, inspiration, and tutorials! You can find them on twitter to join the discord, these tips may or may not help you very much in case you plan on doing future work but it may help anybody else that happens to stumble across this post.

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