The 2nd time of asking why the Animation doesen't play

So I want to play the animation for this car, but the animation is not playing. I asked this problem before on the forum and get no solution. I try to printing the script and yes it’s printed, but the animation doesn’t play. What’s really missing?

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Press F9 and go look for any errors in the server tab:

You should also try searching up on Youtube/Devforum how to play animations on prompt. I found a few on youtube:

How to Make Your Animation Play In-Game | Moon Animation 2020 - YouTube
How To Play an Animation On KeyPress! - YouTube.
[ROBLOX SCRIPTING] - How to Make an Animation Play after Touching a Part | OnTouch Event - YouTube

Hi I’m finally back!

I see errors but the errors are not related to this problem.

This is non-humanoid animation not humanoid animation so it has nothing to do with this videos.

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uhh hi are you still there?

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I’m here, I also advise you to put your post under Scripting Support instead of Art Design, since you’ll get more help there. Also try searching similar issues

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Ok… I change it to scripting support. Let’s see…

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animators only works if its parent is a Humanoid

This isn’t at all true. I suggest you read the documentation. Animator | Roblox Creator Documentation

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Before I say what I think might be the problem, one question you should ask is:

Am I playing the animation in a team-create?

If you are, this is one of the reasons it may not work. I don’t exactly know why, but any animation that isn’t owned by the creator won’t play in the studio.

But if that’s not the case, my guess is that your missing some parts that allows the car to actually animate… How about making a HumanoidRootPart, or honestly any part to represent it, and weld (with a Motor6D) the second main part to that?

Do you mean base part? The car already have that.

Already. But there are some parts that have not been welded yet like wheels and doors. Sooo… if you want the animation to play, all the parts in a model must have welds?

To be able to play the animation fully, yeah. I was saying for you to weld the second basepart to the first base part, like a Torso welding to the HumanoidRootPart (second-main basepart to main basepart).

Still doesn’t work unfortunately.

And you aren’t playing the animation in a team create, right?

No, so the animation should be playable.

Try answering these questions

Are you playing it through a client or server sided script?

Did you put in the right ID?

Is the parts anchored in your car?




for i,v in pairs(car:GetDescendants()) do
	if v:IsA("MeshPart") or v:IsA("Union") or v:IsA("Part") or v:IsA("Seat") then
	v.Anchored = false

Help me please I’m so frustrated! :cry:

local AnimTrack = car.AnimationController.Animator:LoadAnimation(car.Animation);

could you tell us what get’s printed from this?


seems normal.
can you screen shot and send a image of what shows up in the animation editor, and the decendants of the car?