The ability to crossfade sounds for better looping

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to crossfade a sound so as to create a seamless loop.

For anyone wondering what crossfading is, here’s Google’s definition:

(in sound or movie editing) make a picture or sound appear or be heard gradually as another disappears or becomes silent

Ideally we would achieve a crossfade by a number property in the sound. 0 would be no crossfade while higher values like 1 would be how many seconds into the sound a crossfade begins. A number value is more flexible as we can control the length of the effect.

Use Cases:

The main and probably only use case is to seemlessly loop an audio in Roblox, especially ambient audio. Right now, to achieve a seemless loop effect, I need to find a sound on the internet, download it, open it in a program like Audacity, edit it in said program, make sure it seamlessly loops in other programs, and then export it as a weird ogg file. Needless to say, this gets old pretty fast. With this feature, I could find any sound in the library I like and put it into my game.

This could make sounds like these sound so much better and more immersive on Roblox:

  • Rain Sounds
  • Vehicle sounds (e.g. engine sounds)
  • Ambient sounds
  • (some) music

Engine sounds!


Yes, that’s literally the reason I made this thread. I need them!


Cross facing would be great to have, although It would be nice if the sounds engine received some TLC in general.

Ages ago I tried making my own custom sound engine in Roblox that would reflect off our dampen through walls,and change pitch depending if you were above or below the sound (I ain’t a sound engineer so alot off my stuff is probably inaccurate).

My goal with this was to make it like the engine in Rainbow Six Siege, which had one of the best sound engines and designs I’ve ever heard.

Problem is that it wasn’t the best on performance.

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As someone who works a lot in audio, Roblox’s audio engine sucks.