The abuse of flagging needs to stop

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IMPORTANT EDIT: Ive recently asked a devforum moderation member although he says he may not be the right person he told me that to him there seems to be a lot of work for them due to the amount of flags.

if we can limit the amount of flags we could see an increase in more considerate and unrushed moderation

As you’ve seen the title the abuse of flagging needs to stop or be limited to only 3 flags per week its ridiculous of the amount of flagging going on topics that are actually helpful or comments are just flagged then auto moderated most not getting took into consideration and then people have to appeal the topic or post. I don’t understand why people cant just leave feedback on replies or message the topic creator privately, please before you flag this think about how people feel having to appeal.

Edit: Some things Id like to say, some people here are saying things like people who complain about moderation are the ones who knowingly break the rules before I say more I just wanna say I’m not “complaining” for me new people who come on the forum to get help or want to share ideas are just flagged without people giving a second thought to just give feedback an example of this which I didn’t even know is that this topic was suppose to be in forum help which luckily someone suggested to me so thank you, but people don’t get lucky sometimes and are flagged although it could be a learning lesson I think the gentle approach is the better approach I may have exaggerated about how flagging should be limited but I do say that it should be limited in some way whether its a cool down or how many times you can flag per day.

Edit: Moderation is not the problem all these moderators get overflowed with flags that they have to sort through in the process some might get wrongly moderated that’s human error our goal should be to make it easier for them to sort through by giving them time or an explanation

If you guys have any thoughts about how the flagging process should be reformed or changed then please leave down some ideas or thoughts

My solutions

  • If the flag button is being spammed it should get disabled for 10 minutes

  • The limit of flagging should be 3-5 weekly (edit: daily)

Edit: A new idea I came up with is when someone is flagging a topic or post they MUST provide a reasoning as to why they are flagging or why the post/topic deserves to be flagged

Edit: stop using your “early years” on the devforum to prove your point that’s like saying I’ve seen one dog so I know about them all

  • Flag limit per day
  • Flag cool down
  • Unoptional Reasoning for the flag

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This topic is meant to let developers share their experience with false flagging or for allowing ideas and thoughts to be expressed to which we can think of new ways for flagging to be reformed please think before immediately closing this topic thanks.

Most of my edits are fixing grammar and making this more respective


First of all, would be a good idea to include some examples of what yours got flagged and removed. From what I’ve seen, people who do complain about flagging issues are usually wrong in doing so.


If this is per person, hard no. Flagging should not be limited just because you think its being abused. If people are flagging a topic that is within guidelines, they will be met with a warning that the mods have approved the post. Also, if anyone is mass-flagging people for no reason, that is against the forum rules and people do get punished by that. Tools can be abused but you shouldn’t limit everyone just because it may or may not be happening to you.

And finally,

The mods are real people, I’ve had a chance to talk to one of them and yes, you’re supposed to appeal them. Guess where you also have to appeal moderation decisions: literally every other forum and space that allows for people to post their stuff. Expecting staff to get it right every time is unrealistic and in the end, they do make mistakes.

I’ve had a week-long ban appealed cus I swore in a private category where it was allowed and the mod didn’t double check for it before banning me.


I never said it was staff fault dont alter my words and that’s not what im talking about im talking about the fact the flag option is being abused and im not just talking about me im talking about actual topics made by others of which I cant find anymore fsr


Not twisting words here. You can’t complain about people mass flagging stuff with admins accepting each flag without faulting staff for accepting flags and turning them into warnings.

I’m just going to mute this and go enjoy my day since it looks like you’re more interested in arguing rather than just showcasing the issue :shrimp:


You really expect to believe these people aren’t bots when they have barely used roblox and every single post they make has been closing a topic or sending moderation messages

Lol you do you

Edit: They are people that’s a fault on my part


It’s funny how all the people complaining about moderation apparently being too aggressive are always the ones who were knowingly breaking rules.


I don’t like getting false flagged and then getting unrelated feedback but flagging is important and shouldn’t be limited.


We all got flagged for things that weren’t against the Rules - but it doesn’t happen quite often
I’d say we’re good as is, I never actually saw someone spam-flagging, and as long as you don’t do anything pretty clearly wrong you won’t get moderation messages


there are a lot of good people on the devforum and if each person had a limit of 3 flags daily well then they should know how to use them properly I rarely flag people cause most people here are just trying to get help or want to help and I understand what you mean

but some new people on the forum get flagged for posting in the wrong category which is quite wrong if you ask me cause their just tryna get help

this happened to me I replied to someone who made a post that was clearly not making sense and I said that it isn’t possible then obviously they flagged it for being off topic I ignored cause it was once but then after that 3 of my old posts got flagged and I find that very coincidental since it happen within a period of 3-5 minutes of the original flag


(That’s pretty sad I know)

Okay, I don’t think restricting the flag amount to 3 would be too useful, take for example trollers - they might end the 3 flags of multiple users - then you wouldn’t be able to flag him again and thus he would get Striked later - so a bigger number like 7-10 could work, and if you use them in too little time you’ll have a cool-down


Smart your right there should be a cool down of like 3 - 5 minutes


Irony is truly the greatest form of comedy and humour.


At this point, I think the moderators are overworked:
(Please do not take this personally, person I linked. Just move it to platform usage support and you’re good!)
I’ve seen about 20 of these within the past few days. These “Will this get me banned” topics clutter up #development-discussion, and it’s the moderator’s job to prevent them. I don’t care very much if false flagging occurs as long as posts like this are taken care of or are moved to #help-and-feedback:platform-usage-support.

But I don’t see a feature request for them to move the topic to the correct category. They just close and unlist it. Why can’t they move it to the correct category? This is a genuine question, not an opinion.

In this case, I agree with @cpguy5089 and @oddcraft18 strongly.


perhaps I should change the title to instead of flagging and closing a topic how about a feature to move it?


Nah, mate, your sentiment towards abuse of flagging isn’t unfounded. Although your wording, grammar, spelling and overall presentation of your argument are lacking.

There’s definitely a stupid amount of pompous wankers feeling like Napoleon due to having “regular” beside their name. They get a dopamine rush upon flagging fine and useful posts; I have had it happen to myself and continue to see it happen to other people creating quality content on this forum.


my English is quite underdeveloped sorry

Do regulars flags get more looked into then flags from members?


Wouldnt be surprised if they did.


Yeah I gotta be honest im having exact same issue

try not to get flagged or get your post removed for “off topic” and then for “inappropirate content” for at least 5 seconds on roblox dev forum challenge


I’ve never had a post falsely flagged after using the forums for 3 years on multiple accounts. Do you have any examples of things that are getting removed that aren’t off topic?

I wouldn’t be opposed to them limiting the flags of users who flag things in an obviously incorrect way, though a hard limit for all users really wouldn’t work that well and would be actively bothersome. For example, maybe I wouldn’t flag things that I expect other people to flag so I wouldn’t waste a flag.


I was trying to say that those 2 billion accounts on roblox dont all use roblox at the same time