The abuse of flagging needs to stop

I just meant off-topic of developing support

Irrelevant, you were appropriately flagged. Other users doing worse doesn’t excuse anyone. Nobody should be talking like that here. Also, widespread misuse of a category doesn’t make that category a dumping ground for any old garbage. I don’t get your point.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but you are allowed to say the F word on private categories? But I cannot say a word that is barely a cuss word?

I also didn’t mean misuse, I did word that confusing, I just meant developer discussion isn’t meant for developer support

Even so, that was one of my more grey area flags. Some are completely ridiculous, I was simply confused on the rules about profanity so I posted the feedback.

it’s most likely because the user is new or hasn’t been online for a long time

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All of your proposed solutions would be annoying if you’re actually flagging something.

Rate limits are always annoying, and I shouldn’t have to write a 5 paragraph essay to flag an ad.


then just write that its an ad? I dont even think its that hard to do and If its bothering you so much then you should have the motivation to explain the situation
and adding a reasoning for flags is a good idea it would help people flag too because there isn’t an option for flagging something that bumped up a topic and other stuff it can help in unique situations so over all it benefits everyone

The thing is that it’s adding an extra step which isn’t needed. If I see a post which is an ad, I just click “spam” and it’ll forward to moderators. It adds an extra step if I have to type “this is an ad because it links to xyz”.


Im not saying we should remove the features there like spam obviously but I’m talking about big posts or topics that have people respond and liking them then yeah you should provide a reasoning if other people dont have a problem with such these aren’t meant to replace the system there meant to help it and provide a basis for people to explain the situation

Not sure why so many people disagree with this post or have a rebuttal. This is actually true. Just because you (Not at the poster, I mean to people that complain about these kinds of topics) don’t experience it because I don’t know, maybe you don’t post as much? Doesn’t mean that other people don’t go through such annoying crap and you get to just throw even more crap at it. I’m not saying everyone has to agree with topics like these, but geez people are being a bit insensitive in this topic. The so called “dev moderators” are just bots automatically programmed to take down your topic if it’s been flagged too many times and there is no real investigation, which sucks a lot. I can agree that good topics do get taken down. I’ve had some topics that are actually meant for discussion and they get taken down because the post was “flagged by the community”. It’s annoying and should stop. However, I do acknowledge that the higher ups are busier than we think, so proper moderation is not always an option and so they have to rely on bots to do it.

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I’ve been on the forum for over 3 years and have made 3 thousand posts and yet only 5 posts I’ve ever made have been flagged and (correctly) taken down. I mainly see complains about false flaggers from users who have been active on the forum for less than a year

The. moderators. are. real. people.

I flagged a post 2 weeks ago for reuploading someone else’s work and the moderator who saw my flag asked me for additional evidence before taking the topic down. There are some other posts I’ve flagged in the past that were never taken down because the moderators found that the posts in particular didn’t violate any rules

What topics in particular? Was it a topic already created by someone else? Was it developer specific? Did it have anything to do with Roblox Moderation? We get 15 weekly Roblox Moderation posts

I’m not going to lie, the posting rules for #development-discussion are vague and the topics that get taken down and stay up are inconsistent, but from what I see, many of the posts that get taken down are correctly taken down


thanks for saying this, all of my posts asking for help in the right category are constantly taken down to some person flagging them

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This depends on what is going on. Most “moderations” are by bots programmed to say the exact same thing over and over. For someone that claims to have been on the forum for over three years, I’d expect you to know this. Sure, the people behind the accounts are real. But the messages that you receive by them are not actually them. They are bots.

Okay, just because this happened to you doesn’t mean that this happens to everyone when they flag a post. And if it does happen every time someone flags a post, that’s an even bigger reason to note that YES. The moderators are bots!

The latter in itself contradicts the argument you are trying to make. Admitting that the topics that get taken down and that stay up are inconsistent is saying that you in a sense are acknowledging that posts do get taken down for bad reasons. Why do they get taken down? Because people flag them or a mistake occurs, which the latter rarely happens. Each time a post gets taken down, the reason usually goes along the lines of ‘Your Post Was “Flagged by the community”’. If you can’t grasp what that means, not sure what to tell ya. You don’t always have to be negative or start fights with people that actually have true issues and real concerns just because they don’t happen to you or they don’t apply to you.

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Those are default responses, not bots. I’ve been on the forum long enough to grasp that. And still, not a single person has provided any sort of evidence that the moderators are bots besides loose reasoning

I highly doubt this doesn’t happen to anyone else

My argument revolves around the myth of rampant false flaggers without any solid evidence. I’d be insane to say that every moderation action is perfect (this is why appeals exist), which is why I included the latter part

I specifically stated that the rules of #development-discussion are vague, which leads to inconsistencies, not that posts are taken down for bad reason

A post being flagged doesn’t guarantee its removal as I’ve exemplified earlier. And also, of course that’s going to be the reason almost every time-- otherwise the moderators would have to lurk every inch of the forum 24/7. When you flag a post, it’s sent a queue for them to view and they make their decision from there

I’m not trying to “start fights” or “be negative;” the original post is about being constantly flagged by random people, yet doesn’t seem to provide any sort of detail to prove that their posts are being taken down for malicious intent.

Many newcomers to the forum aren’t familiar with the rules and may unknowingly violate them or the category guidelines, which will lead to people flagging their posts, which may lead to them getting removed, which leads to the supposed issue of “false flaggers”

False flagging in itself already violates Global Rule 8.2 and leads to your forum account being suspended


You’re pretty much 100% right. If you’re unlucky, flase flags are an occasion, but so far most of mine are correct.

Most of the replies here are evidence… And, if you’ve ever tried to appeal, you’ll see it’s the typical poor support everyone complains about, which is never fixed.

Which is a bad reason to be taken down… you’re contradicting yourself.

With malicious intent. There’s no evidence to suggest that someone flagged something maliciously, and therefore there aren’t really any cases of someone being suspended for this reason.

Saying “my post was taken down and I don’t agree with the decision” is not evidence. I’m talking about something definitive, not speculative

Not quite. That would disprove there’s anything malicious going on, but instead, an enforcement of poor policy (which are two different things). The ‘bad reason’ I was referring to was false flagging

That’s my entire argument

It’s difficult to say that there “aren’t really any cases” since suspensions are not something that are publicly posted anywhere. It’s very possible atleast one person has been suspended for false flagging, but nobody knows about it, or, nobody has been suspended at all for it, I don’t know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

All I do know is that it’s a violation of a global rule


What I was talking about was flags that were following the rules, for example the one I posted (ironically flagged as off-topic), showed I was flagged for profanity in public categories, even though I replied in a private category. This is directly following the rules, no speculation needed.

The post is more about rushed, quick, and wrong decisions than flags with mal intent.

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Seems like 50 percent of the voting goes to the unoptional reasoning which in my mind is a pretty good idea nice to see people agree and to those who think these changes need to be made please say something have your voice be heard

but I saw Hooksmith say “Roblox Support is the right path to go” or something like that to every feature request about that, do you want hooksmith to spread the message?

If that’s @Hooksmith’s perspective, that’s his perspective. If you have a use case and an idea for something better, you should be able to suggest and discuss the idea.

Users should seek already existing threads where appropriate and refer to them. For new ideas, create a new thread.

This idea is not new to the forums as a whole. I’m not entirely sure what you’re suggesting here. If that thread exists, wravager is welcomed to read it , support it and reply with his use cases if necessary