The Addition of advertisements on the devforum

It wouldn’t hurt to make some cash in a helpful website. As I have said, it can be non-intrusive and have no hinder on someone’s performance on the website.

ROBLOX does not make very much money nowadays from ads because they barely have any.

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The DevForum isn’t a place to get spammed with advertisements - it’s a place where you can discuss with other people and ask for/give help to other developers like you.

Anyways, they are right that they don’t add many off-site advertisements in all their websites. Roblox mostly makes money from R$ purchases.

Don’t forget that adding advertisements in this forum would probably make users that want to gain membership not to sign up at all.


Well, actually, I disagree with your fact that Roblox dosen’t have money to make advertisements here in the DevForum.

The forum is based off of Meta Discourse though they could place ads, but Roblox wouldn’t waste time and ideas just to place user’s ads for groups in here in the DevForum, especially considering, already there’s a backlog in PA when more users create posts and the Roblox Developer Engagement Team has more important things to do rather than copy/paste users ads from the original site to the DevForum.

Also, I agree with @DMCPEPlays about the issues with advertising, also, because, this is the Developer Forum, a place where Developers could share ideas, read bug reports, resolve Studio problems, and share their creations.

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Even though I agree with you, let me be honest. There is an official Discourse plugin that lets you add advertisements to your forum. It is even available to Standard subscriptions (the lowest subscription tier):

Check it here: Plugin directory | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

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Roblox is valued at over $4 Billion dollars. With a big B. I don’t think they need to put ads on a forum used for developers. Also marking your reply as a ‘solution’ is weirdchamp


Why would you want the viewing experience to be made actively worse? Especially considering how miniscule the devforum viewership is compared to the main website, this would do essentially nothing but annoy people.

It also wouldn’t make sense relative to their previous changes, considering Roblox has been moving away from ads in general.


Compared to the size of Roblox’s userbase off the forum and on the website, if you’re actually talking about something like god-forbid, google ads, the effort expended implementing that here is not worth the profit.

I can’t believe you’re asking for this.


First off, this suggestion does not meet the criteria of the category. This category is meant for suggestions and feedback regarding the various forum features, mainly regarding user experience. The suggestion you have given is unsolicited advice on how Roblox should attempt to make money. Additionally, ads are often inappropriate and this is not something Roblox would be interested in adding.


There’s really nothing wrong with google ads. In fact, I quite enjoyed when ROBLOX had external ads on their website. It really made me want to stay and look at them for longer because of the larger variety. Now advertisements are mostly clickbait and lure in young children, super colourful and usually misleading

You are an anomaly for enjoying advertisements. We don’t need those here, and nobody else wants them here.


Personally, I still don’t find a reason to add ads. They would more likely make new members think that they would be spammed with ads when they gain membership.

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This addition wouldn’t benefit Roblox and it would annoy users and discourage them from visiting the forum.

Marking your reply as a solution isn’t right - your original post is a suggestion. There’s no question. From the sounds of it, you made this post just to mark yourself as the solution.


Roblox is a billion dollar company, so I don’t know why they would need ads. Websites like benefit from ads, since their open source and could use more ways to gain money (meta uses a different ad provider than google ads though). Google ads are very intrusive, they will most likely clash with roblox’s themes. Additionally, they wouldn’t be allowed to be personalised ads because of something like COPPA regulations, which cuts down the revenue bye half.

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What a preposterously uncalled for and unnecessary idea, how on earth would this benefit a site where its primary purpose is to serve the community for its developing endeavors?

I really just want Roblox, a billion-dollar company, to forcefully shove even more adverts down my throat.


I completely disagree with any sort of Roblox Advertisements at all!.. When you’re going through the same sort of stuff Google has some sort of system where they match you to what types of things you like. With that said as someone who uses their google for 95% Roblox related stuff I get a bunch of Roblox scam websites for ads. Google has had a broken ad system and if Roblox users click it not knowing it’s a scam it could be a cookie logger or any other malicious website.

Advertisements onto the forum? Never in many years will this become a feature on the website, and I mean I hope never.

If advertisements were added onto the forum website, just imagine all the scams and clickbait ads that are scattered everywhere, every page, and every thread. Also, imagine that the Roblox website has these types of ads but from Roblox users that can lure little kids into like “free robuxs here” or “i met these YouTubers!!”.

Does the community want these types of ads? No. Does the forum want these advertisements as well? Not at all.

In the end, I completely disagree with this addition and feature to be on the forums, not even worth it for new members and noobs who have joined the forums.


While this is a cool idea, I think people should be able to advertise their posts. For free. However they can only advertise a certain amount, if they want to advertise more, they have to pay Robux.


I like the organic system the devforums has in place, but more importantly I don’t like ads.

I don’t see how advertisements could ever make it on the DevForum without being intrusive. The DevForum is supposed to appear clean, simple, and user-friendly; there just isn’t any place for advertisements to go since they create unnecessary clutter and can be obnoxious.