Removal of Advertisements from the Games Page

Hey developers,

We recently removed the space for Rectangle ads from the Games page and Game Search page. You will no longer see user advertisements or external advertisements on the page as a result. You will still see sponsored games within the sorts, and user ads are still shown on Home page, Game Details page, Catalog, and other places within Roblox.

We want to provide the best player experience, including standardizing how Roblox works across all platforms. Removing advertisements from the Games page and Game Search page unify the web experience with tablets and other platforms. Over the long term, we aim to focus on offering features that work across platforms such as sponsoring games, rather than things that only apply to one platform like web ads.

This change is currently live, and has been for a few days, so from this point on you should no longer see advertisements on the Games page and Game Search page.

Developer Relations


Maybe in the future you can ensure that all ads are kept professional and original, rather then the same low-quality ads over and over again.



Thank you for the transparency.

Though if I were someone who used advertisements regularly I would perhaps prefer a notification or a dev-post like this well before the update was shipped.

Either way thank you for letting us know!


This seems like a good idea. More space for games!


I noticed it some days ago and I have to say I really like the change.

It really improves the experience in my opinion!


That’d mean complete content censorship. It’s true that the ads were spammed with random stuff but this is the imagination platform, so we should be allowed freedom when creating ads.


More space for games + Less random ads = Win-Win

This is a good change to the games page!


As someone who uses adblock anyway to block all ads on Roblox - including the user ads/front page I’m all for this. I prefer to maximise the possible screen estate to the max to enable more games to be displayed at once. My only gripe is I still can’t peak into one of the games thumbnails from the games page yet which would be pretty nice.


I dont fully support this decision because a vast majority of roblox users will be at 2 sections; the home page and the games page. I feel like we could just make it so that the same ads arnt repeated over and over again. I also have other critiques for ads but for the sake of this post I’m going to end it here.


Yea even tho the “Flamingo has admin” Type of ads were especially repetitive and taking up the space that other ads could have used.


Or have an algorithm of what you play and it can tailor the ads for you


The only thing about this that bothers me is that developers paying for ads will not get as many clicks. I think it would be nice to have more space for ads on the Home Page, where there is a lot of empty space but only two ads.


Where are rectangular ads (300 x 250 ads) placed now? I believe those types of ads only sat on the games page and nowhere else if I’m not wrong.


This is honestly a good update. It provides less advertisements for the users and more space for games.

Have a good day! :grinning:


Downloaded Adblock a long time ago for the overly spam heavy websites you sometimes have to travel to to get something you need (example a lot of font websites) and then I started using for the Roblox ads. Roblox Ads are among some of the worst looking ads out there. Much of the time being copy and paste crap over and over and generally are made with the intent to trick young users. My life was so much happier with Adblock taking care of them lol.


Now can we have ads removed from the Create/Develop pages? I highly doubt that anyone from the developer gets inticed enough to even bother with those ads. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing some optional advertisements in games through an API (like that long ago planned update) especially if it was for a reward, similar to mobile games that let you watch an ad for stuff.


I like this update. You don’t get an ad for something you aren’t even looking for.


They are on user profiles at the bottom.


They changed this over a week ago I think, annoying that they’ve only just announced about it.


Absolute nonsense! You tell your developers to get ready for changes before you make them! I really want my Robux back, I now need to pay designers for new advertisements and run them again!

EDIT: I emailed Roblox support about this. I’ll share what happens here.