The Backrooms Remastered Development Post

I made a post a month or two ago and wanted to share more progress on this game that I have been working on. You may have seen the advertisements on the platform, so here’s the advertisement on the DevForum Platform

// Beta vs the Now

Current Menu Screen as of 4/22/2023 :spiral_calendar:

Beta Menu Screen as of 2/19/2023 :spiral_calendar:

Obviously the rest is for you to figure out for yourself :wink:

There are many levels you can unlock at a time, and currently there are about 6 playable levels that you can access.

You can also join the Discord Server to get numerous new updates on the game and see how development progress is going, my goal is to get grow this game and a community.

The Backrooms Remastered ; Official Server.

Thanks for reading!


Your build is really cool. I only recommend that you add settings to the menu. Also, what does the quit mean on the menu?


nice, but quit button? Does it just kick you? The ui seems fine but idk about the logo thing. Definitely a good step up from the beta menu


This actually looks really good, but you could add more options to the main menu, maybe a settings option or what to expect next, or anything to fill up more of the screen because 2 or 3 doesn’t seem to fill up the space well. Everything else looks really good and I think you should keep going! High hopes for you.

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Brings you to a quit screen, where you can return to the game or just quit the game entirely, basically just kicking you :slight_smile:

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Yup! Just kicks you. And appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

In the extra menu there’s actually many more options to be included, really appreciate the feedback too :slight_smile: