The bar at the top of the Forum page seem to have a gap between the bar and the top of the web page (I think this is very likely a CSS issue)

Title: The bar at the top of the Forum page seem to have a gap between the bar and the top of the web page (I think this is very likely a CSS issue).

Description of bug: When you scroll down or up the page you can see the contents of the page between the small gap.

When it started happening: I only noticed it just now so I am guessing today at some point.

Screenshots and videos of the bug:

Steps to reproduce the issue: All I do is just scroll and you can see the gap in the top bar. Unsure really how else to explain how to reproduce the issue cuz it just seems to be there.

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Can’t repro. Not sure why. Different browser issue?

I was able to reproduce the same issue with a different magnification on the page. Currently, on my end, I cannot see the gap with the 100% magnification but with 125%.

The colors are in order from top to bottom. The color blue at the most above is the browser’s color, the color white with dashed lines is only a section of which post is viewed, and the title itself. The bottom is the continuation of the post.

It is probably caused by the element with the /html/body/section/div/div[2]/header HTML path, with the margin-top sub-property set to -10 pixels. I’m not really sure how exactly it is impacted, whether by this property or not, but it resolves the issue for me by setting it to 0px.

As long as it retains its functionality, I don’t see any other crucially influencing problem.


Unsure it’s due to my screensize or something. I have a laptop but it’s a larger screen then normal.

Sounds like what @ProBaturay said about magnification. It’s strange though cuz my magnification is at 100%.

Yea I know it’s not major. I just thought I would create a post just to let the Roblox staff know. It does not need fixing right away at all.

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I don’t think that this is DevForum specific, it’s probably a discourse issue.

Can you introduce more data for staff to use? also lol


Thanks for the bug report. We’ve investigated and applied a fix. Would you mind confirming?


Yup it seems to be fixed now and no longer has a small area up at the top.

I am guessing it was an update Roblox did to the forums cuz I did not have the issue before.

I would have but there is no real other information I could provide. I followed all the required guidelines and even as a web developer myself hinted towards what I guess the issue is. I am unsure what more data you believe I should have included cuz due to it not being an application like Roblox studio I don’t need to add any device information.

The reason that doesn’t work is because DiscourseHub on iPads behave differently.
I dont believe I ever had the issue on DiscourseHub on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I was able to reproduce on my PC running Edge, but it was patched.