The Big Bubble Chat Rework

I had never seen this before, then I saw it one day and was confused about if it was for the new bubble chat. Thanks for clarifying this.

Can we have an option to make bubble sizes smaller? The default seems kinda large tbh.
And also like maybe you could enable richtext with your bubbles, unless it’s already a thing.

Next all we need is a chat UI rework, :face_vomiting:


I was going to say this too — i think the issue is the text is too thin/small. Nonetheless we should get an option to make it less wide too.


Why does the example code contain pcall? This seems unnecessary to do & dirty just to enable/change settings.


Finally, especially with the dumb “unfixable” gap glitch! I really like the new style, although in some games I may keep it the default…


It’s even found already in games, so having a feature where developers wouldn’t have to program it would simplify any external chat scripts.


Do you still notice the slight popping up; will that be fixed?

Yay! Just what I asked for in the previous topic.


This is amazing.

Can you please make sure that this page has the proper information and is updated?

Thanks for all your hard work.


One thing I would have liked to have seen was bubble order based on message order. It means you would see the most recent messages in front of older messages even if they are physically behind another older message. Still good work.


This looks very nice, any chance we could get the option to have different settings on multiple chat bubbles? Like an angry NPC with a red chat bubble and a happy one with a green bubble.


If you have the old bubble chat in your game and enable the new one as well, these 20% of mobile users who are running a client older than the 451 release will see the old bubble chat, and the rest will see the new one


Because it’s not enabled on every device, so it’s prone to error. They stated this in the thread.


How exactly is this exploitable?


Heard a lot of requests for this one, unfortunately this would be outside the scope of this project as this feature would need to be added to the chat system itself.

This is an entirely different system from the old bubble chat, so yes, it should not have the bugs that the old one had. Please do let us know if you notice any issue though!


I am not saying it’s exploitable, what I mean is;
Old chat system is exploitable, so I want that fixed if possible.


That doesn’t sound like a guarantee to me that there won’t be plans in the future for removing this support and I don’t like that very much. I’m not a fan of the fact that the bubble chat script has been moved to a CoreScript and I very much prefer the old chat due to being snappy and more fitting to my game’s aesthetic than the current one which feels too cartoony to fit.

If in the future there are plans to remove backwards compatibility, how exactly am I expected to continue self-supporting the old bubble chat with compatibility for ChatService’s Chat function (the one that allows NPCs to chat)? I should still be able to do that. This also includes writing my own bubble chat handler.

I don’t want or like the new chat nor its restrictiveness of customisability and I’m expecting to have it disabled on almost every single game I currently work on. That’s a hill I want to die on. If I absolutely have no choice with the new bubble chat, I am expecting to have it forked, along with the CoreScripts responsible for making it work just so I can change the code functionality myself.


Excellent stuff!

One small little thing from me:

Could the bubbles move with the character? E.g if you jump up, you see that the bubble sinks into your character a bit: (Not good)

Whereas when idle, there is a noticeable gap between the bubble and the head: (Good)


Sadly, the chat system itself is not getting any changes, just the visual part responsible for displaying bubbles. Exploits are not going to change.


This is one of the most exciting updates I’ve seen! I am so glad that you and your team were able to give more customization features that everyone has requested. The best parts of this update in my opinion is the ability to enable it with a toggle instead of the coding aspect and the customization features. Thank you so much!


That looks bad, didn’t encounter that issue before >.<
Is this happening in game as well, or is it Studio only?
And would you mind sending a place file so I can investigate this?


Not promising anything yet, but per-player customization settings is something we want to have (for instance, the ability to change settings for one given UserId only)