Bubble Chat on mobile (and desktop?) cuts off

(Replies indicate this happens for some desktop users as well)

When chatting ingame on mobile I keep noticing that words or letters will be missing from bubble chat, so I have to open my main chat window to see what someone actually said.

Device: iPhone X
Notice I say “hi” but it only shows “h”. I believe this may be a bug with the TextService:GetTextSize


The same thing happened to me when i was on tablet. I think it’s fixed on tablet, but I’m not too sure. Also last time I checked it still cuts off on my friend’s phone.


This is a known issue, I’ve been experiencing it as well. Along with the other chat bug that doesn’t allow you to send messages, these issues make playing on mobile barely worth it.


I’ve had this happen to me mid-2019. I was playing The Normal Elevator, when i noticed that the text on the npc’s chat bubbles was cut off. after a couple weeks, the text wasn’t cut off anymore. the mobile device i was on is an iPad Mini 4th gen.
edit: i also play roblox on my phone, and the bubble chat cuts of text too. my phone is an iPhone 6+

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Ik, when I play games on mobile. It really sucks on the word cutting.


This has been an ongoing issue for years on the mobile platform and it’s just never addressed that much. Hopefully in coming updates this issue will be fixed along with numerous other chat bugs that occur on mobile devices.


Hey, I agree with this, I face the same issue whenever I occassionally need to play on my mobile device.

Hope it’s fixed soon.

Device I use: Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


It happens to my device named Huawei Y9 2019, it’s kinda annoying.

I have around 1 year with the same problem

Device I own: ZTE Blade A3 Lite

This happens to me too most of the time and its super annoying. Sometimes the classic chat also cuts off sometimes both on PC and mobile.
My phone: iPhone 8 Plus

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This happens on the PC client as well. I think it’s related to the wrapping algorithm.

To stop this from happening when you chat is to put a space at the end of your message. This always works for me.

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I’ve noticed this using the PC client too… although, friends can see the full bubble chat message sometimes although it still appears to be cut off for me.


I am still experiencing this bug too. I am hoping this gets fixed soon because for games that only use bubble chat, this is extremely annoying.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S9

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I experience this issue too and sometimes it just cuts the chat so there is a bubble but no text.

This has happened to me, both on mobile and on PC. I have a Samsung S9 if that helps anything.

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This happens on desktop as well, not just mobile.


Just experienced this on desktop myself now too


I have the same type of situation on my IPhone.

It’s happening on every device and I’ve been experiencing it for months. My friend is a mac user as well and experiences this.

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