The Blox Shop | A Public Asset Marketplace

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What Is The Blox Shop?

The Blox Shop is an upcoming marketplace for Roblox where anyone can Buy and Sell Roblox Assets for USD as well as Hire and Offer Services! We aren’t released yet, but plan on releasing in a couple weeks!

Paid Features

We do also need to make some money to pay for hosting as well as paying our team of 20+ hard working employees. The following will be exactly how we will make money:
TBS Storefront ($10/Month | Better Fraud Protection, Custom URL)
10% Fee (We charge 10% fees that cover everything!)


John is a Builder on Roblox. He builds a low-poly map and wants to sell it!
John decides to use The Blox Shop and uploads the build file and enters a Title, Desc, and Price (5 USD)

Bob finds John’s Low Poly map and wants to purchase it so Bob pays
Bob immediately gets the maps delivered to his Email
Bob has 3 Days to inspect the map

The Blox Shop holds the funds for 3 Days
Bob doesn’t open a scam case
The Blox Shop pays John 4.50 USD

Dev Updates

I understand you guys must be tired of waiting, but it’ll just be a couple more weeks until we release! These pictures are a small bit out of date, but are mainly how the website looks so far:

Product Catalog
Loading Screen (Similar to Cloudflare, but we have custom DDOS protection)

Choose A Product Catalog

Video (Please note I didn’t record this, another one of the Owners named bestrobloxerall did and gave permission to me to upload this video on the post.)


Soon we will release (Most likely a couple weeks). We do understand this idea is new and it’s okay if you don’t like it! We would be glad to here feedback and suggestions. Also by V2 we plan on lowering on fees to 7.5% as well as allowing you to sell products for Robux. Our website will be fully secured and even though we haven’t released we have Security Engineers performing tests on the website to prevent server attacks.

Please Read: We aren’t going to be a Discord Server and instead we will be a website!



I mean for most developers, I’d assume they’d want a way to know people can be trusted before giving them funds.

Also I’m not quite sure what you’re showcasing or asking for feedback on.

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Also please note that I’m not the main owner and was invited to join because of my Web Programming experience

That does make sense. We don’t allow anyone to touch the funds and the entire system is automated. The main reason we have this is in case someone sold a file that was empty or it was a completely stolen game (For example someone leaked the Jailbreak map and tried selling it)

We mainly want feedback because this is a new idea and something many people on Roblox haven’t seen before. We don’t want to just come in and mess up the Roblox economy so we have decided to ask for feedback as well as explain what we are trying to do.

I dont understand I have to basically pay to offer a service when its completely free on the devfourms

I understand this statement because we dont want Bob to be scammed

there is better ways to make money other than subscriptions, but still why would I use TBS when I can use the devforums?

I mean as a second option makes sense but I dont think a lot of people will sign up for the subscription cause your new and not as big as roblox (who started the devforums)

but still I think this has great potential and can become big if you handle it right.


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That makes sense and I do thank you for the feedback! It is true this can be done on the Devforum, but the Devforum did remove Asset Selling. When comparing ourselves to the Devforum we also realized we need to have scam protection and that is why when you sign up for The Blox Shop your 100% protected by our Scam Prevention Program and if your scammed we’ll compensate you fully. The $3 a month membership is mainly until we get a good amount of users and can pay for hosting from the 10% fee.

I’ll be completely honest and yes you can offer services on the Devforum, but we do also offer scam prevention which the Devforum can partially offer, but they usually don’t compensate you if your scammed.

Isn’t exchanging USD / any kind of external currency for things especially offsite breaking roblox TOS?

Also, how do we know that we won’t be scammed out of our 3$ or have our assets put on toolbox or something? What happens if a user were to share the download link to a friend, would it just let them take the model themselves?

I honestly don’t find this as a good idea; we cant trust you to not scam us, and I’m sure we don’t want to break TOS and get banned for selling assets offsite.


This is a question that often comes up. The Developer Forum itself has had a Asset Marketplace section that allow assets to be sold for USD/Robux, but was later closed.

From what Roblox has told me it is allowed as long as the content isn’t stolen.

So basically people have to pay to get access to a website that has taxes? The devforum is free and doesn’t have taxes (besides the roblox taxes).

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Accessing it is completely free although we do charge $3 a month if you want to offer a service. Selling assets is a free feature we do charge 10% tax on assets sold. Yes on the Developer Forum offering a service is free and soon it’ll be free on The Blox Shop, but we do compensate if you were scammed.

If you email roblox, they can look into it?? On the devforum, you can sell things and put things up for sale without having to buy a subscription. You also charge tax, which is the same thing as roblox. It feels like your just copying the devforum’s collaboration section.

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You do realise people can do all of this in a game… right?

It’s a waste of cash for us to pay for your service when we can make a roblox game with gamepasses to sell our stuff.

Reconsider and revise your idea so it’s suitable for smaller devs that may not have cash like that.


Anyway, if you decide to continue making this project, please change the main page’s font, it doesn’t look good.

Otherwise, I like the design. Happy web development lol

Partially, but we are also offering a Asset Selling service. I do thank you for all the feedback though and I do understand how many developers who’ve been in the Roblox community for a while may not like the idea of this.

Thank you! I will work on changing the fonts around, sadly it’s a bit hard finding good ones that match the style. Also it does make sense that smaller developers may not have that cash and we will try our best to make Offering a Service completely free. I’m currently working with our Innovation Team to revise this idea.


Sounds really easy to steal a map all a dev does is say I want this map, they copy the map to their pc then say they don’t want it. Easiest scam ever

PS nobody will pay to get on there or pay a commission when there is HD, rodevs and all of the dev forums where they don’t need to pay any money

Thanks for the feedback! Your post makes sense, but none of those places have complete scam insurance as far as I know and won’t compensate you if your scammed. We don’t allow people to ask for a refund unless the map is stolen/file is empty and they can provide proof. So if someone said they don’t want a map we cannot refund them.

I am not trying to say anything bad about those places and we do recommend Hidden Developers if you want to be apart of a developer community.

Like everyone else has noted is that you are basically copying a bunch of other websites to try a get money. New ideas are always best.

How exactly does that work? Isn’t your automated system designed to NOT get people scammed?

And if someone is able to bypass that system, how will the Blox Shop come up with the funds to pay back the person?

I do understand this is a idea that may not easily be accepted, but I do promise you we aren’t doing this for the money. Below I’ve attached a simple explanation on where our funding goes. I do also thank you for all the feedback you’ve given.

How Income Is Spent

10% Fee

5% - Sales Team (If a Sales Person introduced you to The Blox Shop)
2.5% - Paying Staff
2.5% - Payment Processing

(If your a previous user then the 5% goes to either Girls Who Code or

$3/Month Subscription

Goes towards paying for Hosting as well as paying Share Holders.