The bug report wizard should extend to #forum-bugs and all feature requests categories

As a Roblox developer, it is difficult to organize my posts nicely.

Yes, there is a format, but bug reports already have their own fancy wizard that formats it for you. You just have to specify the necessary information. I also waste my time typing out “As a Roblox developer, it is (difficult/impossible) to do X” and “if this issue is addressed my development experience will be improved because Y” in my posts. Yes, it may not be necessary to follow the format verbatim, as long as I describe the issues I am having without a feature but it’s probably the easiest way to write my feature requests.

If this ended up being addressed I can spend more time writing out my feature requests and less time worrying about if my post is formatted correctly.

Here is a mockup of an idea of how it could look like (pretty much the same as bug reports but with different words)

Also please extend the bug report to forum bugs, would also cut down on the non-forum bugs. Additionally, if this happens, make it clear that non-forum bugs should not be reported through #forum-feedback:forum-bugs. The wizard should make it extremely easy to post forum bugs, while making it an extremely painful experience for users who try reporting non-forum bugs through it.

This will also give members a taste of the bug report wizard :wink:


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