The car fails to make the climbs

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I am creating a guidance system. I have to be able to make sure that the cars can make the climbs without problems or impediments. How can I overcome gravity? Thanks in advance… :grinning:


you could have a BodyVelocity constantly applying a downwards force on the vehicle, this would in theory increase traction and make it so the tires have more grip.


How would I calculate the right value for the BodyVelocity?

A simple change I found out which allowed my chassis to climb ramps is to set the friction of the wheels to 1. Turns out the default plastic wheels have a friction of 0.3 :scream: thats a surprisingly low amount of grip which you will need like @hockeylover29 has said in order to climb ramps.

Thanks to @x86_architecture for the chassis to learn from I suggest learning from his place which he open sourced :+1:


the car can’t climb ramps, also with maximum friction on wheels’ collision part

You need Try giving the car more torque.


it isn’t working too… it seems to be a lot heavy

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nvm the problem now is that the car is undriveable

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probably I’m calculating torque in a wrong way. How can I get the right value for that.

Give the wheels more torque if your gear is lower.

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Change this


that’s the customizable physics for the wheels