The Chronicles of Narnia (wip)

Hey everyone! So I decided to take a little break from the house I was working on earlier. I’ve always loved the book series by C.W Lewis so I felt inspired to create a showcase based on that beautiful novelty of a book. It’s far from done, and I probably won’t spend too much time on this, but it has been fun to work on so far.

Let me know what you think!

(Some things I plan to add)

  • Finish the winter wonderland inside the wardrobe
  • Add some pretty lil’ snowflakes
  • Add a little troll house made from an oak tree, maybe interior idk
  • extra little details and foliage pieces

(Pretty much done with)
-The room holding the wardrobe
-The wardrobe

thanks! also happy spooky month, it was actually my birthday yesterday, officially 16 now :^)


Nice, I really like the builds and the detail. Narnia is a really good book and I’m currently reading it.

btw happy birthday :slight_smile:


This is really good! Nice job and happy birthday! October birthdays united, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Way ahead of you sirrr

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That looks nice and detailed! Keep going, the room you made is a good replica of what I’ve seen in the movie.


Cool! The Chronicles of Narnia is a very popular series, so it doesn’t surprise me another person wanted to do this.

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Awesome work @inkwaves! I really like your use of unique textures and the sun rays shining through the window. The first room has a very cozy feel to it, which is great in contrast with the chilly winter wonderland on the other side of the wardrobe. Here are a couple of my suggestions:

Wooden Planks Misalignment

Some of the dark wooden planks seem to be misnallgiend or clipping through the wall in some areas. The highest horizontal planks next to the window both appear to extend past their intersection point with the vertical planks. This makes a small part of the planks visible on the otherwise flat piece of wall.

I’d suggest either resizing the planks to stop this from happening or instead continuing the horizontal planks around each corner, as you’ve done with the vertical planks lower down.

Outside Environment

While you’re adding foliage to the winter area of the build, I think it would also be beneficial to add some greenery outside of the windows in the Wardrobe room to build up the outside environment. Right now the world outside of the windows looks empty and uninteresting.

By adding the likes of grass, bushes, trees and flowers you could give players a reason to look out the windows and create a more immersive world in the process. You could even use smooth terrain if you think it would look nice.


I like where you’re going with this build. The story of the Chronicles of Narnia has a lot of material from which you can draw inspiration. Over time, I think you’d be able to create an awesome, immersive world both inside and outside of the wardrobe.

Keep up the good work, man! :smile:


thanks so much for the feedback! I’ll definitely go in and fix those things. I hope I can do this beautiful story justice.

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I’m looking to stay tuned for your progress towards your game. I’ve been always a fan of the book and the movie. Everything so far looks decently well, great job!

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Wow, looks amazing so far. I was wondering when someone would make something like this relating to The Chronicles of Narnia. Great series as well, can’t wait for more updates on the showcase.