The Citadel - Update 2!

Here’s the game:


EDIT: Small update, added a teleporter, shelves, and smaller details to fix the ‘color’ issue.


Wow. That is amazing. It looks kind of like ROBLOX HQ :grin:. Keep up the great work :+1:

Not to be rude, it has a lot of room for improvement.
Things I like: Trees, pathway, the outdoor seating.
Things I dislike: The exterior of the building, the emptiness of the building inside and it’s lacking decor and colour variation inside.
I’d recommend considering these and try to improve the build itself.
Other than that, good job!

Imo I dont think it is much of a ShowCase, it is good for sure, but this is average building, a showcase is something never before seen on roblox or something very very detailed. Good work though.

Personally, not every showcase has to some groundbreaking, technical masterpiece. A showcase can really be anything a builder makes.

uhhh a lot of parts are unanchored and its hard to see what your doing.

I always make sure everything’s anchored… I’ll check it out real quick.

EDIT: It’s fixed now.

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Nice, I really like the way you built it too.

I watched @TheBasicNoobOfBasics’s video in your last post on this showcase, and you’ve made a lot of progress. Very nice. :sunglasses:

Hey, maybe try adding point lights to the ceiling lights so that the lights actually light up the room?
Definitely an improved build.

I did have spot lights facing down, but I’ll increase their brightness.

Use meshses my guy this will elevate this it looks kind of empty at the moment make it flow through each room and make the outside better and give it more details instead of just a concrete wall.

Good job tho :wink: