The Colassol Physical Base Rendering Showcase

Title explains it all. Not really looking for feedback just wanting to share it.

(Ignore the name it’s not a car scene lol.)

Game Link if you wish to look at the page:


The game link you provided isn’t open to the public.

Regardless, this looks really cool.

Yes, the reason it’s not public is that it uses Physical Base Rendering, it’s a beta feature. only for experimenting.


This looks really cool, how did you get access to this “beta feature” if you dont mind me asking?

First, enroll in the beta program by posting in this thread:

Then, check out these articles on PBR.

This is the parent article which covers all of the Avatar Evolution features.

This is a forum post on All of the Avatar Evolution Features.

Introducing the "Avatar Evolution" Studio Beta Build!

They will tell you all you need to know about it.