The Day the Noobs Took Over Roblox 3 - Character Contest 2 Results

After much deliberation and deciding, these are the results of the second-ever TDTNTOR 3 Character Contest!

:clipboard: Original Contest Post

Thank you all for your creative and awesome entries. Even if you didn’t win - don’t fret! There’ll be other contests for TDTNTOR 3 in the future.

If you won, please tweet me a list of what your character was wearing (links to the decals, accessories, shirts, pants, t-shirts, etc.) in order to get it into the game. If you don’t, your character may not appear in the game!

There were many amazing entries, but there’s only room for so many NPCs. Without further ado, these are your winners!

:1st_place_medal: WINNERS

Note from N.N. - STYLISH! I should see if they want to be an outfit designer for the nation.

Note from N.N. - … I mean, if I don’t take him in… who else would?

Note from N.N. - Considering the luck my family has, it makes sense to befriend someone who may be able to teach me how to fly.


pizzarex1 & guestarelove123
Note from N.N. - They applied separately, but I’m making them roommates. It seems to be a smart idea to start forming a militia of my own.

Note from N.N. - He hates every fiber of my being, though he reminds me too much of my brother. He wanted a house, he’ll get a house. Maybe he’ll not hate me one day.

Note from N.N. - A kingdom needs a jester, doesn’t it?

Note from N.N. - A rad haircut is always bonus points in my book.

Note from N.N. - A perfect fit for the nation. A loner, sure, but perhaps we could help each other out.

Note from N.N. - Honestly, I just want to give someone a home near the pigeon roost. I never claimed to be a saint… I need a laugh every now and then.

Note from N.N. - Thank Builderman that someone else hates that song…

Note from N.N. - He knows how to insult and mock people. I like that.

Note from N.N. - She refused to take off her mask… to each their own. Regardless, I dig the plume.

Note from N.N. - He seems to hate everyone… but his style… I gotta respect the style.

Note from N.N. - I hate kind people, but Bixby might appreciate a friend who isn’t doom and gloom.

Note from N.N. - An interesting punk style - and no purple either! Punk fashion is a fast track to my good side.

Note from N.N. - aesthetic

Final note from N.N. - In the future I should include a section for desired name/gender. I had to guess based off of their picture. If any of my guesses are wrong, please correct me!