The DevForum is Undergoing a Questionable Amount of Maintenance

The DevForum has been through a lot of Maintenance lately, and I’m worried that something might be going on to get it like this. Yes, I know an update could be on its way, but I’m worried that it may be because of something else.

I’ve seen many posts about the DevForum being overused or abused, and I have a theory that this may be the/a reason. I’m not jumping to conclusions, it’s just a theory.

OK, OK, it’s probably another problem or rather large update, but this is becoming a problem. There are so many spam topics that a new topic that I create gets covered up in 5 seconds. Not kidding.

If this is the problem, then what a lucky guess, but I feel like I should include this because it has some relation.

Anyways, I’m really worried that something is terribly wrong with the DevForum, because this is the second time this month that the DevForum has undergone maintenance… And we’re only 3 days in. Something’s obviously up.

Discourse released an update recently and Roblox was moving to that update. Bugs happen when Discourse updates (like any other software), and they need to release a new version, which in turn, means Roblox also needs to migrate to this next version. Roblox uses some non-default Discourse plugins like the ability to follow someone, and these updates occasionally break plugins as well, which means someone will need to fix it.

This is almost always the case when there is maintenance.


Closing because this is attracting junk posts