The Dunes | Main Menu UI

Thanks to the hard work of our developers (credits) , the demo version of our game has recently released to the public.

What is The Dunes?

“The Dunes” is a desert/wasteland adventure RPG -
You are woken up in a post-apocalyptical future and tasked with gaining knowledge and information of where you are and what happened.

This game follows a story-based timeline, after having no knowledge of what has happened to you what appears to be the remains of other survivors have left clues for you to follow; which eventually leads up to a bigger plot.

We have revamped our main menu UI, any feedback would be appreciated.

We are currently in the works of making an FPS (Showcase), you can find our game here:

Additional Links

Development Discord Server

Development Trello


Cool,I played your game,The UI animations are super good,
Keep it up.(Is it a horror game?)

Absolutely great! Good job with the UIs!

No, The Dunes is a post-apocalyptic adventure game. We have plans to increase the amount of exploration in our Alpha release, with similar mechanics to The Last of Us 2.

not bad however maybe remove all the watermarks it’s everywhere.

The Main Menu looks pretty good! I suggest making the corners of the Buttons a little rounder so it would look a little more nicer.

Why would I remove the watermarks? They’re there so that the images can’t be stolen, theyre not included ingame.

Thank you for your feedback, I was going for a modern feel, modern UI isn’t always super round. It’s something you’d see in a simulator.