The Dunes ~ Multiplayer FPS

Thanks to the continued hard work of our developers (credits) at Project Puppy, we are on track to release our game into the Pre-Alpha testing stage within the next few months.


“The Dunes” is a desert/wasteland RPG -
You are woken up in a post-apocalyptical future and tasked with gaining knowledge and information of where you are and what happened.

It appears that you have a severe case of amnesia, why not pick up a gun and act like nothing ever happened?


Over the past month, we have been progressing our development to, again, release very soon.

Our Pre-Alpha release will include the bare minimum of features in order to showcase what we are capable of doing, as well as providing a fun and replayable experience to all of our players.

Main Menu


We’re going for a very “worn” feel, with guns barely being useable and models representing age.

Also, we have a box :hot_face:




This is an early prototype designed to be more compact and readable (yea you don’t want to see the older version lmao), further survival factors are subject to being included.



At the moment our map is very empty and lacks structures, though this will change as time goes on.

This game will include systems inspired by The Last Of Us 2.
We are open to feedback and criticism, speak your mind so that we can improve in the future!

You can use our development trello as a tracker of our development progress.

DEMO Story Mode Release | Development Trello | Discord Server | Roblox Group


WOW man just wow!
This is insane i have a quick question is this going to be a rp or like a survival?


This looks like a very promising game just by looking at the thumbnail, nice job!
Something that I would try and make sure of is not making orange the main color of the game. As it’s desert theme, it is of course going to be difficult avoiding that color, but trying to get other colors into the mix is good to put ease on your eyes.

Also, what kind of guns are you adding? Something that I personally am just curious of.

Keep working on it, I have high hoped for the game!


I think it’s going to be more of a survival because of the way it’s presented to us, but it wouldn’t be half bad as an RP, either

Maybe both kind of like Deadzone where RP is important for other people but you need to survive too.

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This looks fantastic! Definitely going to start following this!

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It looks empty as you said but It’ll be successful.
Good job.

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Jeez can I take your gun modeler? Lol, such great quality. Keep it up!

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@MyHeadisMelting The game will have a survival aspect to it, such as hydration, hunger, etc, though I’m not sure about what you mean by RP. It will follow the lore.

@TTVsagemaster Our game is set in a post-apocolyptic wasteland, we plan on providing a variety of environments that are not just “orange”.
At this time the only weapon that will be included is a Tommy Gun for testing purposes, in the future we of course will expand the available arsenal.

@Foruix @iThatPanda Thank you all for your feedback, you can join our discord server to keep up with development.


looks really good and the UI looks slick but i think you should use custom textures for rust

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the rust is a custom texture I made in blender. It’s not just an Image slapped in there :laughing: .

I went to the shading tab and did some interesting composing over there to get that rust :wink:

uhhh judging by the images, they are definitely not textures, they are the roblox material, also i couldnt see you in the credits so wdym?

I’m assuming he’s either talking about the tommy gun textures or the building textures, not the thumbnail

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The textures of the tommy are PBR textures imported from blender, they are not default roblox textures. However if you’re talking about the buildings, yes they are default roblox textures

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yeah thats what i meant, i just didnt state it in that comment since it was referring to the one where i did, btw the rust is fine ignore what i said in the first comment, i used to be a very overconfident noob

oh lmao nvm then I just thought he was talking about the thumbnail since there is rust