The Easter Event 2019: Guide to the Eggs (part 2)

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  • The Egg of Origin
    Location: Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales
    After having cleared the introduction, use the Eggcyclopedia to travel to the Mirage.
    At the explorers’ base you start, you will find Booker in his younger age. Talk to him and he explains he’s on an expedition on finding The Egg of Origin. After agreeing to help out, he will travel to his research tent. Head towards this research tent by walking through the first valley, containing both arches. Pass by the sign through the gorge to reach the second valley. Booker’s research tent is on left of the shady looking forcefield.
    Talk to Booker as he explains that The Egg of Origin is contained within the forcefield, as well as that you could try to focus the nearby beam of lights on this forcefield.
    Look to the sky and travel to each of the 4 locations where the beam of light shines. A mirror can be found at the base of each beam of light. You can find all 4 mirrors at the following locations:

    • Ontop of the beanstalk on the right of the second valley. You probably saw it when you entered the second valley.
    • On the left of Booker’s research tent. You can enter underground by entering a hole with a barrel a little more in the back. The barrel shoots you next to the mirror.
    • On the right of the first valley. You can reach this location via a path through a cave below it.
    • A small hole with a cactus in front of it can be found just behind the sign. Platform your way to the top to eventually reach the final mirror.

    At each mirror, you can interact with it to rotate it both vertically and horizontally. You need to find the correct combination of vertical and horizontal rotation for the mirror to reflect the light towards the forcefield. You will know when you’ve found the correct rotation once a beam of light from the mirror to the forcefield appears.
    Once all 4 mirrors are in the correct rotation, the forcefield will be disabled, allowing you to platform your way to the egg.

  • Eggs on Ice
    Location: Freeze Tag
    This egg can only be collected as a runner during the Egg Hunt round. During this round, egg fragments are randomly scattered around the map. As a runner, you must collect 3 fragments in a row without being frozen. If you are being frozen, you will lose all your current fragments and have to start over when you are thawed. Speed boost is useful for quickly traversing the map to find fragments as well as outrun taggers.

  • Chaotic Egg of Catastrophes
    Location: Disaster Island
    This egg is only found on the Easter Island map. On this map, red eggs as bombs will fall from the sky and explode shortly after. During this egg rain, the Chaotic Egg of Catastrophes will be dropped as well. Be quick to collect it as it will despawn shortly after being dropped on the map. Multiple can spawn during the same round. The speed perk is highly recommended for this.

  • My Eggy Vice
    Location: Project: Lazer
    Join a game of King of the Egg found on your right as you enter. Simply win a round with your team in this ‘King of the hill’ styled game to obtain the egg.

  • Rocket Eggscapee
    Location: Natural Disaster Survival
    This can only be obtained on the Launch Pad map. This egg is awarded when the rocket has successfully taken off. This is done by pressing 4 buttons found in the following locations:

    • Inside the rocket
    • On the top of the left structure
    • On the ground near the back structure
    • On the back structure

    Quickly get all buttons pressed with the others in the server before a disaster makes this impossibleto complete.

  • Bookbegg
    Location: Robloxian Highschool
    At the start, turn around and enter the arena. In here, the arena shuffles between 4 mini-games. You need to score at least an A grade on all 4 mini-games in order to win the egg. The mini-games are the following:

    • Discospleef: The ground disappears as you walk around the disco floor. Stay alive for as long as possible to increase your score. Your score resets upon falling. Touch the colored tiles to earn bonus points, which are kept in case you fall.
    • Dodgeball: Simply grab the balls on your side and throw them at the other team. If there are enough players, you don’t even need to aim and are bound to hit enough players within the time limit as long as you keep throwing balls.
    • Sword arena: Classic brickbattle swordfighting. The sword is always on your right arm, thus clever positioning and rotations can allow you to deal alot of damage in short time, thus granting enough victories.
    • Thermal reaction: Shoot players of the opposing team to gain points. It’s best to climb up the highest shelf, as firing from higher ground makes this easier.
  • Fashionista Egg, The Fierce
    Location: Design It
    After every round, an egg spawns somewhere in the lobby. The eggs can be found in the following locations:

    • Red: Left of the waterfall behind the fence.
    • Blue: Right behind the billboad
    • Green: Near the winners podium behind the palm trees.

    After finding them all, participate in a round with a design containing the Spring Duckie hat, Egg Hunt shirt and Egg Hunt pants. The egg is rewarded after doing so.

  • Daedelegg
    Location: The Labyrinth
    Start by talking to Event at the start. He explains about an ancient temple within the maze. However, the door here is sealed and can only be opened with 3 shards. You would need to collect the following shards. Event explains about these shards in order:

    • Glade shard: The glade shard has a blue core. Blue refers to water, so head to the fishing spot at the lake and dive in. On the right is a small entrance into a mining cavern. Roam around until you encounter a large room filled with purple poison. The shard is on the other end of the poison, so use the moving platforms to reach it.
    • Angelic shard: This shard has a yellow core and flies around between walls. This refers to the maze, so head into the maze. The doors to the maze always close at night. You need to find an area within the maze walls that are grown with plants and trees. Here, a golden object flies in the sky. Shoot it down with your bow to retrieve the shard.
    • Darkzone shard: This shard has a red core and the name refers to the Darkzone area. This is a PvP area within the maze, and is always close to 1 of the entrances to the maze. Head to it. In order to obtain the shard, you need to defeat another player. Players drop the shard upon defeat.

    Once you obtained all three shards, enter the maze. An egg icon shows the location of the ancient temple. Move to this location and drop down the hole at the temple. Place the three shards, one in each room, in order to break the seal on the door, opening the room to the egg.

  • Bonnie BloxKO, The Egg
    Location: Counter Blox
    After every full match, a special Easter round starts. On this map, the first team that defeats either the enemy team, or reach the egg wins, and the egg is awarded to all players of the winning team.

  • U.Egg.V
    Location: Drone Heist
    Head through the portal and clear the first 2 puzzles. Afterwards, you encounter a Zebalien on your left, pointing to a green switch and a vent with rusty bars. Use your drone to head in and fly through the vent to a new room. In this room, use your grapple to pull the lever in order to disable the lasers above you. Next, fly up to find an energy ball. Place it on the pedestal below to disable the second wall of lasers. The egg can now be reached. Grapple the egg and return it to the green switch to obtain the egg.

  • Shark Eggtack
    Location: SharkBite
    You can only obtain this egg as a survivor. Upon joining the game, you are given the Bunny Boat for free. Select this boat for the round.
    The large egg on your boat contains the actual egg, but you can’t reach it yet. Instead, let the shark ram into the egg to crack it open, revealing the egg for grabs. Quickly grab the egg in case the shark isn’t really friendly.

  • Flight of the Bumble Egg
    Location: Bee Swarm Simulator
    This egg can be obtained by trading in 3 marshmallow bees at the egg found left of the bases. You can earn marshmallow bees by completing quests by the bears found around the game. The best accessible bears are the Mother bear, Black bear and Brown bear. In addition, this mission can be done without unlocking any new areas. Fields are easily recognizable by what is grown in there.

    • Mother bear: This bear is found at the back of the sunflower field. Talk to her and she asks you to find 3 sunflower seed tokens, 3 strawberry tokens and 3 blueberry tokens. You can find these by scooping at the leaves in the sunflower field for sunflower seed tokens, mushroom and strawberry field for strawberry tokens and the blue flower field for blueberry tokens. These tokens are only tracked when the quest has been activated. In case your pollen is full, convert them to honey at your base with your bees. Once done, head back to Mother bear to receive the marshmallow bee.
    • Black bear: Black bear is found on the right of the bases. Talk to him and he asks you to collect pollen from various fields. These are 50 pollen from the clover field, 100 pollen from the dandelion field, 150 pollen from the mushroom field and 200 pollen from the blue flower field. This is only tracked when the quest has been activated.
    • Brown bear: Brown bear is found in the back of the clover field. He organized a small egg hunt. You need to find 3 eggs which are found in the following locations:
      • In the corner behind the honey bee near the blue flower field.
      • Within the maze found in the corner of the map behind the red cannon.
      • Within a cave found next to the shop behind the honey dispenser. When you enter, head right to find it.

    With 3 marshmallow bees, head to the egg and trade them in for the egg.

  • GladdiEGGor
    Location: Deathrun
    This egg can only be obtained on the Festive Fallen Factory map as a runner. With your team, you need to head out and collect energy cores and return them to the shrine of energy at the start. There are multiple paths, so it’s best to split up to keep the killer occupied on both sides. You will respawn at the start of the map in the event of dying.
    Successfully delivering enough energy cores back to the shrine of energy, as well as defeating the killer awards the egg to all runners.

  • Prima Balleggrina
    Location: Dance Your Blox Off
    You need to wear the Prima Balleggrina egg prop in order to obtain this egg. Wear this egg in the props category (umbrella), and simply win a round to obtain the egg. Unfortunately, winning depends on the voting of other players, who too are aiming to get the egg. Your best bet would be to manipulate the votes with other players.

  • Chicken or the Egg
    Location: Arsenal
    In every map, some chickens roam around. All these chickens must be shot in order to summon the chicken boss. This boss has a large health pool and also instantly kill any player it attacks. When the boss has been defeated, a handful of eggs are dropped, ready to be collected.

  • The Eggtrix
    Location: Hackr
    Start by traveling to the Restaurant and talk to Hackrman. He explains about a glitch that has escaped into the city. In order to solve this, you must first retrieve the MATRIX letters spread around the city. Your Egglitch matrix radar helps detect whenever you are getting close to one. You can use the bus for fast-traveling between stops. Letters are found at the following locations:

    • M: At the South City, the statue in the lake holds this letter in his palm.
    • A: On the west part of the Shipping Yard, climb the structure over the water. It is located on the top.
    • T: This letter is found ontop of the Crane.
    • R: This letter is found near the playground area within the Restaurant.
    • I: In the southern part of the Residential, a large hole with water is found. Swim down to find the area containing the letter.
    • X: This is found on the top floor of the School.

    Once you’ve collected all the letters, you are able to enter the matrix. Head back to the Redacted area and head into it. Make your way to the crane found on your right. Hack the crane to lift the container. Move forward and hack the fire hydrants to extinguish the fires. Continue your path, hacking the explosion to remove the barrier along the way. An arrow points at a camera. Hack this to gain its view and hack the door switch you can now see. Move forward to finally reach the matrix. The egg rests ontop of a pedestal within the matrix.

  • Noob Attack: Egglander
    Location: Roblox Battle (2018 Edition)
    This egg can only be obtained on the Concave Calamity map. Save your vote flags for this map to increase your chances to play on it.
    On this map, you need to collect the purple glowing fuel and bring it back to your rocket. There’s plenty to find over the map. You drop your fuel upon dying. Once the rocket is full, head into the seat and launch the rocket to receive the egg.
    Armour with movement speed, as well as an organized truce in the server makes this egg easier to obtain.

  • Merlin the Meggical
    Location: Spell Battle
    During a round, pick up the egg-shaped spell on the ground to access the egg spell. Cast it to summon
    Merlin the Meggical as well as 5 fake copies. You need to pick the correct one to win the egg. There seems to be no distinction between the real and fake eggs, thus it comes down to guessing. In case you pick the wrong one, simply retry by picking up another egg spell.

  • Eggcient Woolly Mammoth
    Location: Epic Minigames
    This egg can only be obtained on the Easter Ice Thaw minigame. In this game, you must get and keep a block of ice with the egg within your area. Try to focus on the block closest to your area, and make sure the block does not hit the outer wall as it will bounce the block back with force. Keep it in your area until the timer runs out to win the egg.

  • Eggdini
    Location: Escape Room
    This egg is awarded for beating the Enchanted Forest map found in multiplayer. Start a game here.
    You will start this map inside a cave. Head up to find a lectern. Standing in front of this reveals colored letters on the opposite wall. Head down to find 5 color switches and replicate the colors. An entrance behind the waterfall opens where you can find a long wooden cane. Use this cane to pull the lever up high at the gates. Behind is a note. Note the capital letters on this note which spells “Make your e”. The rest can be obtained by reading down from the capital E, which spells out eggscape. Enter this word at the iron door to open it. Head into the forest to find a time pedestal.
    After a small cutscene, you need to activate the 3 time pedestals found at the following locations:

    • Maze: Head to the maze and solve the puzzle of the gate. This puzzle requires you to draw lines to connect the colored tiles. After solving this, head in and the next locked entrance is on the right. Read the note and again note the capital letters spelling out “FTSE”. Step on the letter pads in this order and step on the pad in front of the gate to open this. Read the next note for a clue for this puzzle. X = 2 refers to the amount of straight lines the letter contains. Replicate 24031 by pressing XMCDI in that order and open the gate. Activate the time pedestal to obtain a number and teleport back using the maze icon pad.
    • Waterfall: Head to the waterfall. After the small water pond, find a metal walkway on your left. Follow the path on your right to find a magnifying glass in the grass. Continue your original path to the waterfall and head right as you arrive. Walk up and use the metal walkway on the stone to form a bridge. Place the magnifying glass on the pedestal found here to open the cave behind the waterfall Active the time pedestal, note the number and head back.
    • Tower: Head to the tower. The entrance is secured by detectors and will close if you approach it. Instead, enter a small hole on the left to reach a ledge of the tower. Position yourself above the entrance and quickly enter it by dropping down. Press the switch to deactivate the security. Head up the tower and pick up the hammer behind the lectern. Smash the glass container with the floating object to make it fly to the center. It will create smaller balls, in which one is colored red. Keep track of this ball as it turns yellow and pick this one out when they line up. Doing so will activate a teleport to the time pedestal. Note the number and head back.

    With the three numbers, put them in the time pedestal to deactivate the barrier. Head in and step on the switch for the final puzzle. A tune plays of several differently pitched sounds, as well as rocks light up with their pitched sound. Touch the rocks in order to replicate the tune. Step on the switch to enter your answer. When done correctly, the egg appears. Grab it and head out. Follow the path on your right to escape the forest.

  • Questing Eggventurer
    Location: Fantastic Frontier
    Start by talking to the sad rabbit found at the start. He explains about a thief that stole his eggs and ran into the woods. Head to the woods found around north-west to track the thief down. You can identify the thief with a bag of colored eggs on his back. Defeat the thief to retrieve the eggs and bring them back to the rabbit to earn the egg as your reward.

  • Eggle Scout
    Location: Backpacking
    Work together with the others to find 4 fuses scattered around the map. With the fuses in hand, follow the egg signs from the lobby to reach the Eggnado machine. Insert the fuses here to create a pink Eggnado. Enter this tornado and take a ride up to earn the egg.

  • Tallaheggsee, Zombie Slayer
    Location: Zombie Rush
    Rarely, a zombie spawns holding this egg in his hand. Kill the zombie to make it drop. The first to grab the egg earns it.

  • Cuddles, The Egg
    Location: Wolves’ Life
    At the start, talk to Emma and she explains that she lost her son Timothy. He was last seen near the swamp and beach area. Head to the swamp and walk ontop of the hills surrounding this area to find a small cave covered with vines. Timothy hides in here. Talk to him and bring him back to Emma for your egg.

  • Scaled Eggducator
    Location: Roblox High School 2
    Enter the school to find Caroline. Talk to her and participate in her quiz about the game. If you can’t be bothered, the answers are:

    • Wildwind
    • Max’s Mystical Dining
    • Madi’s Hideout
    • 0:00
    • Sewer

    After passing the quiz, head into the door. Here you need to solve 3 puzzles in order to reach the egg:

    • Red room: Clear 5 rounds of Simon says.
    • Green room: Place and rotate the lines in such a way the power runs from start to the end while passing through the other 2 cores.
    • Blue room: Place objects on the weight in order to reach the target weight. Objects have the following weight values:
      • Stone: 3
      • Chair: 5
      • Hammer: 10
      • Weight: 25
      • Barrel: 200

    Once all 3 puzzles are completed, the egg can be collected.

  • Egg of Gravitation
    Location: Gravity Shift
    Upon joining, head to the egg hunt levels. Here, the egg emits a large glow and teleports to a new location every 30 seconds. You simply need to grab it to get it. It’s best to activate various checkpoints first such that you can teleport to those in order reach the egg easier.


A collection of any other content related to the event are listed here.

  • Duck Detective
    Location: Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time, Outside
    A special badge earned by finding the 4 ducks in the Hub. You can find them near water at the following locations:

    • At the start, on the right next to the bridge just ahead.
    • On the left from the start, there’s a section where the rivers come together. Behind some pink pillars nearby rests a duck.
    • On the right from the windmill is an upside-down waterfall. At the gray rocky area at the base of the waterfall, the duck is just left of it. It blends well with the rocks, so make sure to look around carefully.
    • Near the waterfall on the right of the windmill is a small hill with a pond on it. The duck rests at this pond.
  • Eggmin Launcher (Purchased)
    Location: Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time
    Earned automatically for purchasing the Eggmin Launcher gamepass.


And that’s it. Feel free to share this information to help your fellow Robloxians get the eggs.

Happy hunting!



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