The Easter Event 2019: Guide to the Eggs

Hello, my name is Radiogamer, and like every Easter I’m writing a full guide in order to assist the egg hunting community collect all the official eggs for this year’s Easter. As much information will be filled in to aid one in getting the eggs, as well as for any other relevant content that is involved in this event.


Similar to the event in 2015, this event focuses on games made by several developers of the community participating in this event. Within each game, a single egg is hidden and can be collected once the player has completed one or more objectives within the game.

The central game for this event is found here. Upon entering, you will arrive at the Egghub verse. Here you are briefly explained about the portals to various Eggverse worlds as well as portals to the Hub. Furthermore, a shop, DJ booth with your egg count and photo booth are found in the corners.

Within the Egghub verse and Hub, you have access to various abilities, in which the first, wall-walk, is automatically available. You can use the wall-walk ability to walk up ramps onto the wall to reach the portals to the games. Upon collecting 3 eggs, you can access the Hub and start your story here.


By collecting power eggs through the story, you will earn new abilities that can be used for story-related missions in the Hub. The following abilities are available:

  • Wall-walk: This is available from the start. By walking up a ramp you will be able to walk on the wall. This lasts as long as you have energy, but you have infinite energy within the Egghub verse. Jumping lets your jump off the wall, back to normal gravity.
  • Telekinesis: Upon collecting the Teleggkinetic Egg, you gain the power to move marked objects around.
  • Reverse-time: Upon collecting the Scrambling Egg of Time, you gain the power to reverse-time on certain objects, causing them to travel back in time. This also allows you to undo the effects of reverse-time, effectively causing the objects to travel forward in time.
  • Egg launcher: Upon collecting the Cracking Technoleggy Turret, you gain the power to use an unorthadox egg launcher. This launcher fires eggs to hit targets and enemies.


The story truly starts after having collected 3 eggs and traveling to the Hub. Upon arrival, a mysterious figure talks about the instability of the Eggverse. He brought you to this stable timeline in order to travel to various other timelines to gather eggs as well as help restore your memories.

The area is divided between the outside as well as the floors within the windmill:

  • Outside: This is where you start. Ahead of you is the windmill, which you must progress through as instructed by the mysterious figure. The outside contains several Marvel inspired missions for their eggs.
  • Dock: Found outside, the dock can be seen on the left of the windmill. The ship here cannot be used until you have found the key for it. This key can be found in a hole in the back of the windmill. Once you’ve collected the key, the dock is available as teleport destination from the Egghub verse as well as the ship can now be used.
  • Floor 1: The ground floor of the windmill. The mysterious figure explains about your mission and the use of power eggs and their abilities. You need 10 eggs in order to enter the door to the Teleggkinetic Egg.
  • Floor 2: The grand library of the windmill, accessed after obtaining the Teleggkinetic Egg. In here, you can find the 20 eggs door for the Scrambling Egg of Time as well as the 30 eggs door for the Cracking Technoleggy Turret.
  • Floor 3: The third floor of the windmill accessed after obtaining the Scrambling Egg of Time. There’s not much to find here other than the door to Puzzle 4 after obtaining the Cracking Technoleggy Turret.
  • ’Puzzle 4’: Puzzle 4 is the name of the egg mission found on Floor 3. It can be entered after obtaining the Cracking Technoleggy Turret.
  • Boss: The final boss of the game can be accessed after collecting the Missing Egg of ARG from Puzzle 4.


Certain gear are available to be used, which provides special properties within this event only:

  • Video Star Egg Launcher:
    This launcher launches the Video Star Egg. This launcher is automatically given to well known Roblox streamers.

  • Eggmin Launcher 2019:
    This launcher launches the Eggmin 2019. This launcher is automatically given to Roblox administrators.


Without further ado, let’s begin with the eggs. The gameplay for the games will not be elaborated, as there are many games involved, thus providing a wide diversity in this. Tips are given instead to assist in getting a small advantage in the game. Spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the gameplay.

  • Video Star Egg
    Location: Everywhere
    This egg can only be found after being launched by the Video Star Egg Launcher. Once launched, the egg will remain obtainable for some time. It can be found in both the hub world as well as every game of the event.
    This egg only counts in your total count when collected on the Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time game.

  • Eggmin 2019
    Location: Everwhere
    This egg can only be found after being launched by the Eggmin Launcher 2019. Once launched, the egg will remain obtainable for a very small amount of time. It can be found in both the hub world as well as every game of the event.
    This egg only counts in your total count when collected on the Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time game.

  • Mc Egger
    Location: Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time, Egghub verse
    This egg is found up in the corner within the Egghub verse. Use your wall-walk ability to walk up to the egg.

  • Retro Egg, The Geometric
    Location: Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time, Outside
    This spawns at a random fixed location on the Hub, usually in well hidden spots. It can also be found near the 4 Marvel structures, all reachable using the ship.

  • Thor Egg
    Location: Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time, Outside
    On the left on your path to the windmill are some pink pillars. Ontop of one lies the Stormbreaker. Head up to it to grab it. A cutscene shows a crack in the wall of the windmill. Head to it and use your newly obtained Stormbreaker to smash the wall open to reveal the entrance to a cave.
    Head through this cave into a temple and continue moving forward. The Thor Egg is shown in the air, as well as several levers. Head around this area, pulling all levers. The 4th lever can be reached by smashing open the nearby wall. Once all levers are pulled, the egg falls down, ready to be picked up.

  • Captain Marvel Egg
    Location: Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time, Outside
    Use the ship on the dock and head towards the Captain Marvel inspired structure on the right. Land the ship at the nearby dock and head inside.
    Within this base, you can collect the Captain Marvel Mohawk, which grants the aura ability during this mission. The aura ability allows you to remove red supports, allowing structures to fall down to grant a path forward. Use the aura ability and platform your way around activating the 3 switches.
    Once all are switched, a bridge of light to the room with the egg is made. In here, reach the switch on the end of the room and enable it to make platforms appear, allowing you to reach the egg.

  • Captain America Egg
    Location: Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time, Outside
    Use the ship on the dock and head towards the Captain America inspired dome, second on the right. Land the ship at the nearby dock and head inside.
    Within this base, you can collect Captain America’s shield. This shield allows you to hit targets as well ascut ropes. Start by doing this on the nearby targets and platform your way to the top, hitting targets and cutting ropes on the way. Checkpoints will appear in the form of climbable trusses in case you fall down. The egg awaits at the top.

  • Iron Man Egg
    Location: Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time, Outside
    Use the ship on the dock and head towards the Iron Man inspired pyramid, second on the left. Land the ship at the nearby dock and head inside.
    Within this fiery base, move across the floating platforms. The last platform of your path falls down next to the pulse glove. Use this glove to hit the three targets in front of you to reveal the path forward. Carefully platform your way forward, dodging lasers as well as hitting the targets along the way to open up new paths. Eventually, the final platform reached in the middle of the room will rise up towards the egg, allowing you to grab it.

  • Black Widow Egg
    Location: Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time, Outside
    Use the ship on the dock and head towards the Black Widow inspired pyramid on the left. Land the ship at the nearby dock and head inside.
    Within this fiery temple, grab the batons in front of you. The batons allows you to destroy wooden barricade. Continue follow the path ahead, destroying the barricades on the way. Eventually you will reach a boulder escape part, where you must keep moving forward and stay ahead of this crushing boulder.
    Attempting to cheese the chase part by dodging the boulder doesn’t do much, as the boulder will suddenly roll in reverse direction back up to you.
    At the end of the chase, platform your way up, destroying the wooden support along the way. One small platform part later allows you to nab the egg.

  • Infinity Gauntlet Egg
    Location: Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time, Outside
    This egg is automatically awarded after having collected the 5 Marvel eggs. These are:

    • Thor Egg
    • Captain Marvel Egg
    • Captain America Egg
    • Iron Man Egg
    • Black Widow Egg
  • Teleggkinetic
    Location: Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time, Floor 1
    You can start the mission for this power egg once you have collected 10 eggs.
    Upon entering, the power egg is destroying the Eggverse Docks. You can seal it by collecting it, but you must first be able to reach it. Start by noting the color combination on the top of the entrance on your right. Next, head to the targets and stand in front of them. The egg will launch ships in your direction, so move away when he does. When the ship hits a target, it changes color. Replicate the color combination you saw before to make a path appear.
    In this phase, the egg will start firing lasers. Make sure to take cover behind objects when it shoots. You regain lost health slowly. Move forward and hit the red switch to activate the wall ramp. Use your wall-walk ability and follow the path up the entrance.
    For this part, plan your path ahead and take into account cover from the egg’s lasers. Carefully wall-walk your way forward to reach the final path to the egg.

  • Scrambling Egg of Time
    Location: Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time, Floor 2
    You can start the mission for this power egg once you have collected 20 eggs.
    Within this tower filled with molten energy, start dropping down. More molten energy will flow down, causing the molten energy to rise. You must move forward to stay ahead of this fiery death floor. Start by using your new telekinesis ability to put the pipe parts in place to move up. Next, construct a bridge over the molten energy with the several pipe parts nearby. Wall-walk up and use the falling boulder with your telekinesis to destroy the cracked floor. Wall-walk further up. Once you’ve passed the blue light, grab the big pipe part and place it ontop of the energy ahead. Place the long pipe part ontop of it such that you can use them as platforms to move up. Once you’ve done this, take a pipe part with you to gain the necessary height shortly after. Once this is successfully done, the egg is reached with no further troubles.

  • Cracking Technoleggy Turret
    Location: Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time, Floor 2
    You can start the mission for this power egg once you have collected 30 eggs.
    From the start, head left into the ruined temple and use your new reverse-time power on the nearby broken ladder to return it to a fixed state. In addition, hit the switch on the left and the one on the right. The right switch causes platforms disappear, causing boxes to drop to the ground. Hit the right switch again to make the platforms reappear and use your telekinesis on the boxes to build up to the switch on the platform. Hit this switch when you’re done, and use a box to smash the glass near the left switch. Activate the switch and bring the trophy with you up the ladders. Place it on the empty table to open the door revealing yet another switch. Press it and head back outside.
    Walk up to the spinning flowers and use reverse-time on the right moment to form a bridge to the next flower. Continue doing so with the remaining flowers. For the last flower, stand on the middle of the flower and undo reverse-time to make it spin again. Then, use reverse-time to form a bridge to the switch.
    With all switches pressed, the gate to the other ruined temple has opened. Head towards this ruined temple. In this temple, enter the right room and use reverse-time on the potted plant to make it grow. Climb it up to the roof, hit the switch and find another potted plant you can use telekinesis on. Take it with you and move to the left room of the temple. Place it under the opening in the ceiling and use reverse-time to make it grow. Climb up the roof to find the second switch of this temple. Hit it, return inside the temple and the gate to the egg has been opened.

  • Missing Egg of ARG
    Location: Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time, Puzzle 4
    You can start the mission for this egg once you have collected the Cracking Technoleggy Turret.
    Start by using your new egg launcher to shoot the 4 targets on the fortress. After hitting all 4, the door opens. Corrupt minions will also start charging at you and can be disposed with the egg launcher. Head in and wall-walk yourself up.
    Upon reaching the bright neon-colored area, take note of the lights infront of the locked door. Recreate this light using the cubes nearby to unlock the door. Head in and wall-walk yourself all the way to the top yet again.
    Once you’ve reached the bright corrupt floor, use telekinesis to form a stepping stones bridge with the nearby crystal shards. It’s best to use the 2 big one, and use telekinesis to move the next one while standing on the other.
    Once you’ve reached the other side, head over the large bridge to the final room, figting your way through the horde of corrupt minions that appear. Within the final room, a larger corrupt minion spawns as mini-boss. This mini-boss isn’t much different than the normal minions, but has a larger health pool. Keep shooting it with the launcher until it falls, allowing you to get the egg.

  • Leggendary
    Location: Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time, Boss
    You can initiate the final boss once you have collected the Missing Egg of ARG.
    Evilwick (or Eggwick) reveals himself as the antagonist of the story. and plans to get rid of you in this fiery arena. Just as with the other story missions, you regain lost health over time. The boss has several phases to fight and are briefly explained:

    • In the first phase he starts lobbing bombs at you. These can be dodged by running around. After a while he starts shifting a piece of the arena upwards. Get ontop of this using wall-walk and jump ontop of his head to damage him. Repeat this 2 more times to move to the next phase.
    • Evilwick moves to the other side of the arena. Stay near his old location as most of the arena will be filled with lava. Afterwards, stalactites starts dropping down, forming a bridge towards him. Quickly use this bridge to reach Evilwick and jump on his head to damage him, or bring a rock and throw it at his face using telekinesis. Whenever you launch back, make sure you reach land safely as falling in the lava deals damage rapidly. Repeat this 3 more times.
    • In his third phase he moves to the middle of the arena. More stalactites drop down, but can now be manipulated using telekinesis. Much like with the crystal shards during Puzzle 4, create a bridge using the stalactites towards Evilwick. Once nearby, throw a stalactite into his face to damage him. Repeat this 3 more times.
    • After a small flash, Evilwick will rotate between his previous 3 phases. Damage him 3 more times to defeat him.

    After his defeat, select the option to take the egg. Consumed by power, you have doomed the Eggverse…

  • Dragonborn Fabergégg
    Location: Egg Hunt 2019 Scrambled In Time, Boss
    Defeat the boss again follwing the steps for Leggendary. After his defeat, select to seal the egg.
    By rejecting the power you managed to stabilize and return peace to the Eggverse. The mysterious figure reveals himself to be Eggwick from a different timeline, and bids you farewell after this adventure.

  • Demolition Eggspert
    Location: Super Bomb Survival
    During a round, a single large purple crystal ball drops on the map. Within is the egg. In order to reach this egg, the crystal must be damaged using explosions from bombs. Pianos also work. Skills and perks can be used to reach and / or damage the crystal. Once the crystal has suffered several hits, it will shatter, leaving the egg to be collected.

  • Roller-eggster
    Location: ROBLOX Point: Theme Park [2]
    Upon entering the game, you are given a basket of eggs. Using this basket gives a riddle. The words in the riddle hints to the roller-coasters within the park that must be visited in order. Whenever the correct roller-coaster has been entered, the corresponding word in the riddle will be marked green. If the wrong roller-coaster has been entered, the progress will reset.
    The following roller-coasters must be visited in order. You are allowed to prematurely exit the ride.:

    1. Time Traveler: This is found within Area 52. After passing the entrance of the park, follow the path on your right to reach Area 52. Note the large buildings you see on your left for later.
    2. Shockwave: Head to the buildings from before. On the left is Shockwave.
    3. Pterodactyl Flyer: Head back to the buildings and cross the path into Jurrasic Blox. Pterodactyl Flyer is found at the back of this area.
    4. I-Speed: This is found next to Pterodactyl Flyer.
    5. Poler Coaster: This is found next to I-Speed.
    6. X-treme: This is found next to the shop near the entrance. You can use the Shop button to travel to the shop instantly.
    7. Wooden Fury: From the entrance of X-treme, head further into the jungle area to find Wooden Fury.
    8. Manta: This is found in the beach area on the left of the entrance.

    Once all attractions have been entered in the correct order, a cave behind Shockwave opens. Head towards it and enter it. Inside, the egg is locked behind bars and requires 3 keys. All three keys can be found among the attraction wreckage within the cave. Once all 3 keys are found, the egg is unlocked and ready to be collected.

  • Egg of Idols
    Location: Temple Thieves
    This egg is found withing the Temple of Time map on medium difficulty. When entering the medium difficulty lobby, ensure at least 4 players participate as well as vote on the required map.
    In this map, platform your way until the final door opens. Spread the players to find all 5 relics to make it easier to clear the map. Once all 5 relics are found, the final door opens revealing a room with the exit. Don’t exit yet. Instead, have 4 players stand on the switches found in this room to reveal the egg.

  • Eggcellent Choices
    Location: Pick A Side
    There’s a 30% chance an egg round will start. In this round, the side that collects the most eggs wins and all players on the winning side receive the egg. Stronger weapons can help make the fighting part easier, but you can always try to persuade the server to pick one side only for a one-sided battle.

  • Eggsplosion
    Location: Innovation Arctic Base
    To make things easier, be sure to start as a scientist. Start by following the path marked with the eggs and arrows on the ground. Continue until you reach the Spacial Manipulator room. Step inside the manipulator (marked with an egg and question mark) and have another scientist operate the machine to shrink your character down by at least 3 stages / half your original size. You can do this yourself too by moving the camera just outside the glass, such that you can click / tap the controls.
    Once shrunken, continue following the egg marked path to the reactor core. At the control room, you can disable the fan in order for the core to heat up, shattering the glass above it once it is too hot. When this glass is shattered, move into the core room, suiting yourself up along the way to protect yourself from radiation. Go up the core to the glass to notice a small hole. With your shrunken size, you should be able to get in and collect the egg resting within.

  • Egg of Slow’n’Steady
    Location: Speed Run 4
    Upon entering the game, head inside the special Easter portal to be brought to the event level. Casually parkour your way to the end to receive the egg.

  • Eggscream
    Location: Robot 64
    Upon entering the hub (after clearing the tutorial if you are new), head to the right to find the Eggship. This ship transports you to a new world. Sheldon Sign explains you can find an egg shard on-top each of the 4 purple pillars. Start platforming each pillar to collect the shards. Upon collecting the fourth, the egg is constructed and flies down, ready to be collected.

  • Emerging DrEGGon
    Location: Dragon Rage
    During a round, the bunny dragon (a blue-purple colored dragon sporting bunny themed accessories as well as the egg) will start diving down the map. Simply touch this dragon to be awarded the egg. Try to keep your focus on this dragon and line up in front of his dive. If you’re having trouble catching up, try upgrading your mobility.

  • Neighboregg Watch
    Location: The Neighborhood of Robloxia
    Start by getting into a vehicle. You can spawn a free one from the vehicles menu. Afterwards, roam around the map until you find a large, glowing pink crystal. This crystal also emits low pitch noise. It is quite large, so it should be easy to spot, unless the weather is bad.
    Once found, start ramming your vehicle into it. It takes a few hits before it starts shattering and eventually breaking. Multiple players can ram into the crystal to speed up the process, so notify the others in the server that you found it. Once the crystal breaks, a colorful egg is left behind, exploding into several Neighboregg Watch eggs. For every player that assisted in breaking the crystal, one Neighboregg Watch egg will spawn with his / her name on it. Catch the one with your name to finish this mission.

  • 2 Fast 2 Egg
    Location: SpeedLands
    For this egg, you must complete the Ancient City map within the time limit. This map is found in the Semi-Pro League. Queue up for this map to start.
    The time limit is 3 minutes, which is plenty to complete this map. Take your time to reach the end, especially at the spike part near the end as they will instantly crash you. Crashing causes you to respawn at a previous checkpoint.

  • Huevobol
    Location: Kick Off
    Every even ball (2nd, 4th, etc), the egg ball is released. Score a goal with this egg ball to win the egg. Try to save the trick-shot for the egg ball in order to make scoring with it easier. If the normal ball is in play, have it scored in either goals to rotate quicker.

  • Eggtanic
    Location: Roblox Titanic
    In the teleport lobby where you start, head to the right to find a small corner dedicated to this event. The billboard indicates whether the event mission can still be completed in the current round. If it does, a green portal teleports you straight to the start of this mission on the ship. If not, you have to wait for a new round to start.
    Once teleported inside the ship, talk to the Sociallite to learn that her luggage was stolen and taken to the steerage of the ship. Tell her to find it and head all the way down via the grand staircase. You will be notified once you’ve reached the desired floor. Roam around this floor to find the luggage. If you wander too far on this floor, you will be notified about this, so head back when it does. Once you’ve found the luggage, bring it back to the Sociallite to be rewarded with the egg.
    This whole mission must be done before the timer expires and the Sociallite evacuates in the current round.

  • Egg Off
    Location: Grudge
    Upon starting, head out and spawn your vehicle. Travel to the west of the map and enter the City Center Docks tunnel from the south. The screen turns gray and a cutscene plays where the egg appears on the Parking Lot and enters his mech to destroy you.
    Head towards the Parking Lot, and start approaching the mech. Make use of the cover system to hide behind objects as the egg will not fire while you are behind cover. Line up your shots and shoot the glowing tooth until it is destroyed. Take your time to stay behind cover to regain lost health. Continue shooting the other glowing teeth until the mech explodes, allowing you to safely grab the egg.

  • Whimsical Egg, the Wonderful
    Location: Fairy World
    Cross the rainbow bridge and head right between Cupid’s Icecream and the Fairy Ballroom. Here you will find Twinkle, who explains that her egg escaped. She tells you that it went up to the clouds and asks you to get it back.
    A path to the egg is shown after the conversation. Follow this path up by flying towards the dark, stormy clouds. Make sure to not touch them as they will kill you. The egg is located within an opening ontop of a large cloud. It just hovers above it, so gently move towards the egg to grab it and add it to your collection.

  • Newborn Spotted Egg
    Location: Tales from the Valley
    Clear the tutorial and head out of town, following the egg signs. At the end, jump down the lair.
    Inside the lair, platform your way all to the end to find the egg. Grab it and quickly start running all the way back as a giant griffon starts chasing you down. Once you pass the small gap into safety, the egg is yours to keep.

  • Caped Eggsader
    Location: Super Hero Life III
    You can only obtain this as a villain. Use the yin-yang button to switch teams.
    As a villain, first escape the prison. This can be done via an entrance in the air vents at the cafeteria. Once out, you will have your powers and can head to the Valor City Museum found in the corner of the map next to Syndicorp. In the museum, slowly make your way forward while timing the lasers. Grab the egg at the end make your way out of the museum through the same path. Once out with the egg, it is yours to keep.

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