The Esealia Project - Devlog #1

Hello! Welcome to my first devlog.

Concept -
A couple weeks ago I came up with an idea. The basic idea is to find parts of swords in the world and then combine them to make your own unique sword. I gave it some thought and I really liked the idea. If I added enough sword parts, each sword a player would make would be very rare or completely unique. If I made 100 of each sword part (Which I decided to be; pommels, handles, and blades) that would be a total of 1 million unique swords. Then, I expanded on the idea. Each sword part would have a random weight based on a range for each part. The damage would be based on the weight, but so would the attack speed. This would allow for speed builds or heavy damage builds. For a while after, I brainstormed and though of plenty of other expansions which I will get to later as this section is already long enough.

Progress -
In the time I have been working on this, I have focused on modelling sword parts because I am not a great modeler and I need to practice if I want to tackle this mostly solo.

Sword Parts So Far

*Note - not all of these were made by me

This work brought me to my next idea: Magic. The first thing I though of were elements. I made a few crude prototype that I plan on either adding particles to or changing altogether.

Element Crystals


After I had modeled a decent amount, I decided to start the sword forging system. I made the UI which I was hoping to have a leather style and I quite liked it. I also added a favorite system to make inventory management easier. (It brings favorite parts to the top)

Forging System

(Ignore the avatar lol)

Anyways, that’s most of it for my progress. I have more done, and I plan on sharing that in the next devlog. :slight_smile:
Some last ideas I wanted to share are; a random dungeon generator(I have actually worked on one before in an archived game.), and sword parts with special abilities.

Thank you so much if you read the whole post, or even if you just skimmed it. Any criticism is welcome and wanted. Also, I am looking to hire a short term R6 animator for the M1 combo animations.

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Also, if anyone knows how to make the viewport frame quality better, that would be awesome!

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