The fastest way to create sandbox a sandbox tycoon like Miners Haven! | Simple Sandbox Tycoon Kit


Hello, me and my friend realised for people wanting to make a sandbox tycoon can have a hard time starting off.

Since we have experience with making sandbox tycoons we decided to make a kit that is simple and easy to use for making a sandbox tycoon game for people to use as a easy template!

This includes the following:

  1. 4 items (Dropper, Furnace, Conveyor and Upgrader, you can add more items if you want.)
  2. DataStore2 saving system (Less risk of data loss and terrible issues like that)
  3. Inventory, Shop and Settings systems
  4. Rebirthing System
  5. Module Loader for Ui’s!

Get the kit here:
Join the server for sharing what you do with the kit and more here:

We hope you enjoy the kit and this helps you!


Better than drkater’s sandbox tycoon one

Thanks so much for this kit, very helpful. I do have one question though. I’m not very good with DataStore2 and I’m not sure where the save key is in your data saving script. I’d like to reset my data, but I’m not finding where to do that. Could you show me where the key for the data saving is so that I can change it? Thanks

Sandbox Tycoon Kit Update 2.0 is here!

The reason I am branding this as 2.0 is due to the kit being improved and fixed to a extreme level.

  1. Data Saving+Loading has been pretty much rewritten to no longer have the “DataStore request was added to queue” issue due to too many DataStores being created, yes DataStore2 is still being used, it’s now much easier to reset data.
  2. Thanks to the help of @callguyone item selection is 5% faster now, not much of a increase but it’s there! :smile:
  3. Many Memory Leaks have been resolved.
  4. Ores are now handled on the client for maximum server-side performance.
  5. A toggle for Mines has been introduced.
  6. Furnaces now say how much the ore that was just processed is worth.
  7. Placed Item Saving has been entirely redone to fix many bugs regarding plots being rotated and data being reloaded!

This update of the kit will require all scripts to be replaced with the new versions or you can just start fresh and port your items, map and anything else you’ve created as long as you make it work with the new code base, if you do port your items to this update make sure to update the “DropOre” script in all the mines you have ported from before this update to match the one in the “Stone Mine” from this kit update so you can make use of the Client-Side ore handling!

Thank you all for using the kit, now you can freely make the sandbox tycoon game you’ve dreamed of!

If you have the kit already, just insert it to your place and it will have the updated version inserted as ready for you to setup!
Get the updated version here if you don’t already have the original model:


The kit has been updated and it’s much easier to reset data, you should now be capable of resetting it yourself if you use the new version! :pray:

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I can’t wait to test this out, and maybe make a game out of it!

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I found a bug:
If you want to rotate the object you placed, it doesn’t work.
Error: “Hitbox is not a valid member of …”
:warning: I changed nothing from the kit. :warning:

I can confirm this issue, I managed to grab a picture:
Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 3.29.14 PM

I also found out that while the key binds work it almost seems like you haven’t made the buttons worked when actually pressed. Is this a bug or did you intentionally not do it? Either way can you fix/add it?

Edit: After deciding to go back on and play test again I didn’t experience this issue and all the buttons but the placement buttons worked. Not sure why… I also went in shop and realized that while the textbox works the arrows don’t work when buying something. Sorry for unloading everything on you :sweat_smile: , if these are fixed however I plan to make a nice game out of this(With credit of course!) :+1:

Edit 2: So many edits… anyway I was able to reproduce the Hitbox bug. I just clicked on an item then hit the sell button and it broke. Any ideas?

I will attempt to resolve this bug regarding item selection hitboxes when I get the time, as of now I am not available to release nor look into any bug fixes regarding this bug.

Thanks for the report, Zonix :pray:

Edit: Arrows for the shop item amount not working is simply due to them not being scripted at all, this can be done in the patch that fixes the bug regarding item hitboxes!

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Simple Sandbox Tycoon Kit V2.1 is here:

  1. Item Selection has been fixed.
  2. Updated keybinds for Item Selection.

Get the kit here:


@bostnm (Tagging you since you also reported the same bug.)

This bug has been resolved in the latest update!

Yes this will definitely help for people who want less work and more time doing other things!

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How does the rebirthing system work? I’m new to scripting but can understand the basics. I’m assuming I have to add a RebirthReq moduel to the item stats? or add a NumbValue to them? Sorry if I’m asking a dumb question. It says stuff like I need 2 items for rebirth 0+.

Hello! Is there any way to clear the players past saves?

How do you do this? I need to reset my players data.

Change the player data string to something different.

How do I make it so that I can build to another floor @Zonix_Official