The Flag Feature should have a reasons button

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to keep atleast one of my post up without it randomly being flagged

Roblox or Developer Relations should make a feature so when You flag someone’s post on devforum or profile then your forced to type in a reasoning

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because It confuses me why my post are being shot down randomly and 99% of the time I don’t get a valid reason why some are taken down, Only 2 people at developer relations only knew how I actually felt and what made me made

Im Curious if anyone else can relate to this and I hope this gets approved by the roblox community


It exists here:

If you have any further questions on why did your post got flagged just answer to the feedback messaged you received when it got flagged.

As an extra point, if a lot of your posts are getting flagged be sure to read the guidelines once more.



There has to be a reason why it would be flagged or taken down; the best solution is to simply follow forum guidelines and stop creating off-topic posts or irrelevent topics


Umm who said which post I made were always those???

I never knew that opens up that bar, thanks for the Info :+1:

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Brave of you to assume I was referring to you - it was a general statement. Posts are flagged by community members who most likely have knowledge in knowing how to use the forum correctly; if your topics are consistently being flagged then that’s an issue you need to fix yourself

I’m very confused on why most flagged posts get removed… the majority of them don’t violate rules

Are you sure about this, because if a moderator took it down, it surely broke a rule.


A lot of the time I see genuine posts that get flagged as inappropriate.

Are you sure that is the reason? Only flaggers, the flaggee (when their post gets hidden), and moderators know the exact reason. Keep in mind the community flags, not the moderators, moderators have the actual tools to take action. If they are taking down posts then they are surely breaking rules.

Someone made a scripting support post and was reporting a bug on Roblox (I can’t find it now) then it was flagged

Oh, here’s one that has been falsely flagged

I know how it feels to get your post flagged…

In your opinion. That looked off topic and a repeat of enough posts for me or others to classify as flag-able. If a moderator finds the flags to be false, they’ll put the post back up again and remove the ability to further flag it.


I seem to have no problem keeping my posts up:


You should consider whether your posts actually abide by forum rules / forum etiquette and pick the correct category when posting.

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Scripting Support isn’t a category for reporting bugs, that is why it was taken down.

I would kinda like If people would stop commenting things because I found a solution, I only wanted them to add a feature but it already existed . I was just stating how my post got taken down and that got answered by the same person


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