The forum is producing a lot of spam right now

I’m stating the fact, that they should just temporarily close it down while there’s no replacement for Post Approval. If there’s a new system where they could approve or disapprove irrelevant posts being posted at #development-discussion, I see no reason why it should be close for Members, but until then, I’d definitely prescribe they temporarily close the #development-discussion category.

Sorry for the bump but I change my mind. Development discussion should be closed. I saw a topic today where few members were soo unprofessional while replying.


To add on, people who are complaining about users being unprofessional on that thread are just contributing to the problem by bumping it. I think an affirmative post needs to be made about how to handle problematic threads, because lots of users who are well aware of the violations of the rules that it imposes will still argue with the OP anyway.

I think the rule of direct messaging a user about feedback on their thread instead of replying to the thread (in most cases) needs to be re-enforced.

Edit: Honestly, maybe automatically disable replies on topics that were flagged enough to be hidden for new members until a mod can review the situation?


People don’t even read previous replies making the same point, or debunking their point. It’s a shame how low the forum has sinked that is is literally unusable for any professional development.


You do realize that closing it for members removes a lot of legitimate people from posting, including yourself and I.

Which is unfortunately only a minority, and these are the people that should probably be promoted to regular anyway.


Issue is there is no replacement for PA and there won’t be until we get a new update on it.

Whilst DD definitely needs a temporary close-off due to the amount of clutter and irrelevant topic, a small pinch of legitimate Members will be affected.

You can use DevEngagementTeam as an alternative in the meantime.


Why close it for all members? When you could close it just for the people have posted a lot recently.

That is unfair and targets users which is behaviour the forum shouldn’t strive for. Besides, that isn’t even accurate. You may post a lot of quality discussion topics, so that shouldn’t apply.

Well, let me revise that: People who have been flagged a lot recently for off-topic. Then, lock it for them for a certain amount of time.

I understand where you’re coming from, but I rather not do that. You get flagged, you get feedback, hopefully you learn from it. Like suggested multiple times before, a time restriction between posting topics in Discussion would be a better alternative to reduce spam.

I’d like to comment now that it’s been a day since I shared my thoughts that the problem is getting out of hand in Developer Discussion. Too many members are making off-topic / wrong category topics when they can instead DM DET to have a bug be passed on to an engineer.

This should be implemented once DET finally comes out with their plan to promote members to regulars. Otherwise, many good-intentioned topics will never be made.

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It’s already possible to DM them, and I don’t understand what you mean by “many” good-intentioned topics, there are only few of those (like very few to justify not closing it down) within the past 4 months+ sadly.

Close #development-discussion? Thats is not a good idea, first, if anyone needs to make a post related to #development-discussion, they can’t, and second, people can just spam in other topics

Right, but other topics are more limited with clearly defined bounds and it’s easier to justify removal of a post there

Development Discussion is a very broad category where basically anyone who can’t decide on a category puts their post. Locking it to Regulars will ensure that most of the time the category is used for its intended purpose

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I dont think that it is fair to make the category only open to regulars, since there is no way to level up in the forum, some people have actually good questions to put on #development-discussion

As stated:

Obviously this change will happen once the Developer Relations Team gets on top of implementing a new leveling system. It would also only be locked to regulars for creating topics—new members could still reply

But something like #platform-feedback will be not good, right now i have facing a bug on studio, but i can’t make a post because it is only open to regulars