The forum is producing a lot of spam right now

I can vouch for this, I’ve seen many regulars who don’t even have high stats but they are a regular

That was known as Post Approval, It does not exist now.

People keep misusing Development Discussion. DET, do something! I can’t use the Developer Forum as resource because of stuff like this which creates a big clutter and caused lots of frustration.

Also, disable the ability to mark replies in Development Discussion as solution. Seriously, in a discussion there isn’t something as a “solution”.


Easier said than done. Since this forum is based from Discourse, it is difficult to implement that change which seems to be ‘stuck’ to the internal details of the platform…


It’s spelled ‘Temporarily’, also everybody has already featured that solution…

They even prescribed some other solutions to preserve #development-discussion, from getting trashed.

Though, honestly, I also agree that it should be closed, due to the fact that Members are beginning to use it as some sort of category to discuss whatever topic they desire, that’s not even development related, like for instance, I always see posts that are related to reporting another user, bug reports(which should be reported in #platform-feedback though currently #platform-feedback is closed for TL1 users, but they shouldn’t use #development-discussion as some sort of category to post bug reports), or even spam topics as you’ve stated in your post.

As of now, since TL1 users are given access to #development-discussion, I could only advise we flag irrelevant posts there, and maybe we should be a bit more understanding that some Members still tend to trash that category.


Hey, thanks for the call out, sorry that I want my own research on things like this but you don’t have to blatantly say it in another post… Unfortunately for you I’m not blind.

Either way my take on it is that something should be done to reduce the amount of people who use the wrong category, but the fact that people literally are intending that the same people are doing it on purpose and calling it a raid is just childish, instead the people who call them out are shaming them for not understanding something, and decide to comment on it (yeah there is a flag for a reason). I entirely understand that people are upset about it being flooded with these kinds of posts, and I really am to, but here’s my disagreement:
No I don’t think it should be closed, I don’t think it should become regular+ though it should be reinforced.
I agree about the trash positng, but no much is gonna make me change my opinion on the whole “regular+” thing.

Keep in mind though, once you close of the development discussion, it’ll all scatter out, then people will complain at Roblox and get upset, and then what? They’d probably just close out the Forum.
There are a lot of possible consequences that you’re not thinking about before just “REMOVE THE DISCUSSION CATEGORY!!1!”.

Like @stickymirro511 said, I’ll agree when the regular rank is open.

Think about it…

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It’s still proper they close out #development-discussion, most likely the people you mentioned that will get upset, is most likely the users who tend to trash #development-discussion with low-quality posts. There are a lot of more people who’s willing to close down #development-discussion, for the forum’s own good, as it became a dumping ground for irrelevant posting.

Let’s be honest, it’s more better #development-discussion, and people could just reply, it’s better recommend that TL2 users be trusted with the ability to post topics in #development-discussion, because in full honesty, I’ve seen much more better topics from Regulars than Members.

Haven’t you read the topic that proposed #development-discussion to be closed down,

They honestly, have more proper reasons than reasons why #development-discussion should not be closed down.


Search before posting, and don’t make a new topic unless what you’re doing is drastically different and can write something substantive about it. Use #help-and-feedback if there are only minor differences between your issue and an older topic (or bump the topic if you have something new to contribute):

These categories are much more tolerant of more repetitive topics since they are made for unique support, rather than #development-discussion which is targeted towards higher-level discussion about development as a whole.

The search bar is a great resource for researching other solutions and ideas that people have posted here so that you can get a wide range of information to help you decide between ads and sponsors. Repeat topics are usually given a list of topics just like it in one of the first few replies, and then closed so that information can be concentrated in the existing topics. Otherwise, whenever you search something up, you would find hundreds of near-duplicate topics with very little information, thus obscuring anything useful.

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I get that people have valid reasoning, but my opinion is that making it regular plus is to far, there are other things we can do than make it so literally no member can use it till a new way of getting regular appears.

The people who would be upset are the same people who are yapping about making development discussion regular+, one the discussion is gone the “trash posting” is likely to spread to other categories.
I agree, the discussion category get a lot of irrelevant posts, I agree it is filled with spam, etc. etc. etc.
I just disagree with making it regular+.

I feel like this quote can pretty much be boiled down to “regulars make better topics than members”, while that is statistically true, that would put members in a position where about the only thing they can ask is things for #help-and-feedback, which means most questions of developers can’t be asked, except, no one cares.

Yeah I’ve read a lot of them…
Either way, I have my opinion my reasons.
I get it, to much spam, to much whatever, and I agree with that statement; I just think making it regular+ is to over the top.

Yes that was a mistake on my end, I didn’t think to look, though either way I don’t think I or anyone else who does that should just be called out in a comment section of another post, it’s just to shame people in front of an audience even though it’s off-topic.

Agreed, this is probably the closest thing that has gotten to make me change my mind though still I disagree with making it regular+ lol.
Yeah I do agree that the category is filled with irrelevant posts, I just feel that there are different things to do then making it for an unobtainable rank.

Summary?: I think we shouldn’t make the discussion category only useable by a rank that is unobtainable, though we should make change to reduce the amount of spam.

At the end of the day there’s a mute category button.

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My definition, when I said closing down #development-discussion to Members, is until they’ve set up the proper replacement for Post Approval, since Post Approval is dissolved, and they temporarily allowed Members to post in #development-discussion, more and more of them post trash topics rather than useful ones.

Are you sure? Did you see the response of both Members and Regulars from the thread I’ve sent when I quoted your post? Members, and Regulars are sure about their decision, and they’re most likely not going to change their opinion in closing down #development-discussion for Members, as they daily get trash threads, as more and more Members join the Developer Forum, most don’t read the community guidelines and tend to post non-development discussion threads, because they’re always thinking that #development-discussion is a category for discussion for whatever topic they think about, which should not be the case.

Formerly, I used to see opening up #development-discussion is beneficial, but as time goes by, more and more irrelevant topics are continually being posted at #development-discussion, and honestly, it’s better they temporarily close it for Members, rather than opening it to them, sure there maybe a lot of Members who can post relevant #development-discussion threads, but there are a bigger proportion of Members posting there have trash, irrelevant, and off-category posts.

I’m going to be very honest with you, the quality of some Members posting at #development-discussion have low-quality posts. Some even tend to make question topics, that can be easily answered by their own or if they use common sense.

Did you seriously, read my previous post?

I can post more and more temporary solutions, but all failed, as even though they impost this, Members would still continue on posting trash topics, until they close it down, as I’ve said earlier.

The proper temporary solution until they get a replacement for Post Approval, is to close #development-discussion for Members, up until, they’ve got a new Post Approval Team set up to approve Members posting to #development-discussion.

In general, they can’t find any proper solution for spam, because for one, Members would continue and continue to post spam topics, and flagging is just a temporary solution, though, even with flagging, there’s still larger spam topics in #development-discussion, you can’t deny this fact and they should temporarily close this down, for TL1 users, though, to repeat, until they get a new replacement for Post Approval.

That’s one of the best solutions I’ve heard so far.

Members (not me) are just creating stupid posts to get likes, why? Idk. But disabling us to create new topics on that category could be the best solution for everyone


Yeah, i see that, the members (some) think that is going up to regular.

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I personally agree, I already said that though.

Again, I agree, the different thing about is is that I disagree with making it regular+, or at least until there is a new way to become regular.

Here is the thing about the popular opinion from the regulars, this literally doesn’t affect them besides that they won’t have any spam, but there will be close to no discussion, which in my opinion as a regular, I wouldn’t care.
The only members who want this are the ones that dislike the spam and don’t regularly use the development discussion, my point was that with development discussion gone, this whole trash posting will go to forum feedback, bulletin board (which you still see bulletin board posts, they are just auto locked, not unlisted), and I can even imagine these getting to game design support snd collaboration. my point is that then the same people here complaining about the spam in discussion will just evolve into other categories.
One last thing to say to that: “there’s a mute category button for a reason”.

Again, I agree, if I were to say not so that would be hypocritical of me because I’ve done it myself and I know it’s true, how ever this doesn’t change my view on this.

Trust me, I’ve read your’s and many others…

Also I wanna make a point on this that you showed: Ban poll-only posts in development discussion
“Poll-only posts are 99% of the spam in development discussion”
I’d fact check that lol…
Either way, I’ll leave this debate as it is sense I already know the likely fate of the discussion category, plus there is no point in arguing as I’m not just gonna magically change your mind and you’re not just gonna magically change my mind just because we hold any stance or prove other wrong.

One last thing sense I’m not gonna reply back to this again.

muting a category which is intended for valuable discussion about professional roblox development because it’s being spammed by kids who don’t know what they’re doing is not a valid excuse


Are you serious? The ‘discussions’ in #development-discussion, is not even relevant or proper discussions about development, and you’re saying ‘there will be close to no discussion’, the discussion threads in #development-discussion is already trash, and discussing about off-category topics in #development-discussion is not at all helpful and it’s destroying the use of #development-discussion, the ‘discussions’ you’re claiming are mostly trash and shouldn’t be entertained, because the way I see it, entertaining an off-topic discussion would put in people’s minds to also put more off-topic discussions just to get likes, or post whatever they think of, instead of thinking about the forum’s rules before posting.

Back also when TL2 was the ones creating topics at #development-discussion there’s more proper discussions related to development, and that’s a better option for the #development-discussion because it protects it’s quality from being a #development-discussion category, rather than getting dumped by off-topic, irrelevant, or spam topics.

We know, there’s a mute category, I’m not bothered by the notifications sent by the response from people’s who’s replying from an off-topic thread in the #development-discussion, but we’re simply stating that the quality of #development-discussion is getting destroyed by spam or irrelevant posts. Honestly, if you ask myself, they should just close it down entirely for Members, until a replacement for Post Approval comes along because they already gave TL1 users this ability, but all we see is that they abused this ability to post whatever topics they want to post there, and I think they’re always getting the wrong message of ‘development discussion’ every time they see a word ‘discussion’ in it they tend to think that they could post whatever topic in their just as long as it’s a ‘discussion’ topic, despite the fact that they forgot the word ‘development’, and this just brought in a bunch of off-topic threads being made at #development-discussion, as for spam topics, the reason for this is that people tend to not even use the search bar despite the fact that the topic has already been posted. Personally I’ve seen a spam topic being posted 5 hours later after the original topic was posted, and this just shows how bad spam is at #development-discussion.

We’re not bothered by the notifications being sent to us from trash, spam, or irrelevant topics at #development-discussion, but we’re simply bothered that the way #development-discussion is being used is already ruined from it’s main point - to give a discussion category for developers to create useful and beneficial discussion development-related threads, so don’t recommend that ‘there’s a mute button’, we already know that, by common sense, and we’re just bothered to see that #development-discussion is getting ruined.

Lastly, might I add, stop justifying that #development-discussion is fine with it’s current position, the forum’s #development-discussion is not a dumping ground for irrelevant posts.

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Muting the category doesn’t fix the issue as it is still being abused. Some users including myself have it muted but only check it to flag topics.


Here look, this is incorrect:

“Lastly, might I add, stop justifying that #development-discussion is fine with it’s current position, the forum’s #development-discussion is not a dumping ground for irrelevant posts.”

Either way, we should end this dispute as it serves no purpose, we both have different opinions and that is accepted.

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This happens more in the announcements area where it’s easier to do. Case in point, every single Accelerator Application post is just filled with “I’m not 18 but I can’t wait to be” posts or “I wish I could but I can’t cuz I’m busy with (x)”

Just pointless posting crap like that but they’ll do it every time cuz they think it’ll get them into Regular status. The worst part is the people who give them likes, because they don’t have the ability to post so they’re just spam liking anything and everything. It makes the pointless posts look like they aren’t pointless even when they are.


I’ll just quote my reply on why closing DD isn’t a good idea.


I will disagree with you. The extremely vague guidelines of #development-discussion are the problem. Closing it off until a replacement for Post Approval is the way to go about it

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