The forum is producing a lot of spam right now

The forum is too bad in the last hours, I have seen that at least 10 have been marked in only 2 hours.
People are no longer respecting the forum, they are even insulting the moderators.
Most of it is in #development-discussion


Close #development-discussion for members temporaly.


I feel we need a temporary lock on discussion, something like a week. It’s gotten really bad suddenly. I still would prefer a complete closure, but if DET doesn’t want that, at least a temporary closure is needed.


Oh my god, there are more topics about ads or Sponsors.
What is happend???


There’s a couple users that are mass-posting in DevForum.

This doesn’t mean all members are bad.

I think innocent until proven guilty: Discussion is a privilege that can be revoked if you have posted off-topic more than 2 or 3 times.

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No. We need a closure ASAP. I get it it’s enjoyable to make these spam topics, but it’s ruining our forum.


The forum is growing very quickly, there are too many problematic posts by new users. We should cut the problem by its roots, which is the opening of the category to members in the first place. They can earn the privilege.


We need a solution, #development-discussion it’s no use right now.

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That is fine, but the privilege should be earned much easier than ranking up to L2, being entirely automated and having to do with solutions and hearts (possibly).

If creating topics is blocked, but not replies, than I understand why it might be Regular+.

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Your point is good, but basically there is a raid in #development-discussion


Yes, I believe replies should be available to everyone. But not topics


I’ve seen this too. Not only on that category, I’ve given a solution to one’s post and they replied along the lines of “I fixed the issue, thank you!” and mark their reply solutioned. First off, that’s spam and creating clutter. Secondly, that’s not an answer, what if other people have that issue, do they just depend on your solution of, “thanks, I fixed it.” … no!!

For discussions, I am no longer seeing any contributive (it’s a word now) responses from newer members. Members are clearly not seeing the point of this forum: a professional one. I feel that if I give a long response on a discussion, people upvote other ones that aren’t even related to development.


There was mass-posting going on like crazy, the ads vs. sponsors topics just came flying in, some flag evading, spam comments and polls, etc.

Seems to be cooling down, as some of these mass-posters have been suspended from the forum. But what about when this happens again?

I think that we should just shut it down indefinitely until we can get a better system in place and get this under control. The recent behavior is frankly destroying the forum. Multiple chances have been given, but it’s out of control now and we need to try and take it back.


I feel like this is happening because new users to the forum don’t know where to post stuff! The instructions are not exactly clear and then they get spammed with comments like “Wrong category” some people even caps lock yell at them for it!

Well, you learn from your mistakes, that’s what feedback is for.

Please do not spam if you are new, welcome and enjoy.

And I’m sorry if I was a little harsh, I’m stressed out.

Most of them do read the rules but as I said :

The forum instructions on what to put where can confuse new members like “Do I put a build I made in Cool Creations or Building Support”
And if they put it in the “wrong” place then they get very confused.

How about just change the requirements to get into the DevForum in general? It’s so easy to do, it’s actually pretty stupid.

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Requirements such as? If there are requirements for a long time.

Show off a portfolio of your work and reasons as to why you should be invited into the devforum in the first place.

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That would not be feasible, I came in here to learn and knew nothing about Roblox Studio.

That is true anyone could just make a alt or something and easily in like a week be accepted as a member, some people on the forum don’t even build or script ETC. they should make like a quiz or something you have to do to get in.