The Future of Filtering Enabled: Experimental Mode

Yes. If you look at your places in the Develop page, you can see that the already have the correct experimental mode state.

Yes, it will work off of the current values you have for FilteringEnabled (you shouldn’t have to go into your existing places to turn off Experimental if they already have FE on).


Seems like a good idea to separate the finished projects from the empty baseplates - but I think a checkbox on the search engine should toggle the visibility of Experimental mode games in search results.

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Now that the update finally arrived, I have changed one of my games to FE, however the “Experimental Mode” tag is still there. All my other games are FE however one of my games one of my games still show up as experimental although in game FE is toggled on.


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Elaborating, join the game.

Hey everyone,

As previously noted, we are going to begin rolling out the Experimental Mode changes by age group starting on the week of October 16th. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Developer Relations Team


I finally got around to updating Notoriety to be non experimental, and unfortunately:

  1. Because it uses the CreatePlace API, it is shown as experimental
  2. Because it is an update, all the old (and actually experimental) places are still part of the “game”
  3. My game is acting very strange

So am I losing players simply because of one of the above issues? I’ve posted about the CreatePlace problem numerous times yet I haven’t really gotten a clear response. Are certain age groups unable to see my game on the game page? Just one age group? Should I still be spending money on advertisements?

I feel like I wasted a tremendous amount of time and money updating my game for it to have no difference in player visibility if that is the case.


I think a devrel member / engineer will be able to help you out with the issue of old created places (so it won’t have been a waste of time), although keep in mind we are around the holidays now so it may not happen until after the break.

Is there any reason that you are using CreatePlace rather than reserved servers for the new version of your game? CreatePlace is rather legacy for the purpose of creating private server instances. I think it should be trivial to convert the CreatePlace API calls and subsequent place teleports into reserved server create / teleport calls, but correct me if I’m wrong.

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Usually after updateing an entire game some players will not like it and won’t play. I don’t think the universe bugs are to blame entirely.

I’m not concerned about losing players because they do not like it, I’m just worried that experimental mode is limiting the amount of players who see the game in the first place even though my game technically isn’t experimental mode

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I’m using it to name the place such as “D:N B:Y K:N” so the server in the new place knows the difficulty to be normal, the bots to be enabled, and kicking to be disabled. I’m doing this by reading the name of the game in a script. Is there a way to do something like this with reserveserver? I actually use both createplace and reserveserver but im relying on this behavior

maybe losing wasn’t the right word but my chances of growth are smaller due to some uncontrollable factors and that is why I’m concerned

Set the player teleport data to the game settings. Check all players to see if it’s the same data.

I’ll give that a try but of course that won’t solve the problem I posted above, since older places still exist in experimental. Thanks for the discussion!


Once you convert to Reservered server code. You might want to send @green_mushroom a direct message about removing your CreatePlaceAsync places. He was able to get an engineer to help delete like 34k places from my hockey universe game to help me with my EM tag issue. Might want to send him a message after the holiday break though.


Right. I’ll try that out, thanks for the help

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You will need to use Data Stores:

  • Save server configuration in a data store where the reserved server id is the key
  • Reserved servers cannot access their reserved server id. You can get that data into the server by…
    • Before a player teleports to a server, save the reserved server id they’re teleporting to and the time in the data store
    • When a player joins and no reserved server id is assigned, check the player’s data for the most recent reserved server id and time they teleported to. If the time is recent enough then save that reserved server id for the whole server session. Make sure you only do this if it is a Reserved Server.
    • Make sure you only teleport players if you can save their teleport info first. It’s very important that players do not join servers with old server ids in their data as it could give servers the wrong configuration.

This should work too, but this relies on the client being trustworthy. Teleport data is controlled by the client. I, personally, think “check all players” is not enough protection, especially when it could be designed without any need to trust the client. It should work without major issues, though.


Yeah. What I do is send the reserve server code as teleport data that the server then uses to get the datastore.