The Future of the NGRF

Update: Newer post containing more information: NexGen Research Complete Overhaul Progress Update

NexGen Research Facility 2.0

What is the NGRF 2.0?
The NGRF 2.0 will be the same game and place. It will just feature a completely redone layout along with new and revamped assets. Most of the current facility will be scrapped with excluding the surface elevators and lift lobbies.

Originally construction of the NGRF started back in 2020, using some assets scrapped from Area 19 (Primarily doors and some lifts) however it used a completely redone codebase which included snippets scrapped from Area 19. The newer game will follow more of a unified style and will be more detailed and optimized.

The current NGRF will continue to live on in the NexGen Command’s legacy game archive.

What will the NGRF 2.0 look like?
It will follow a similar design to the current NGRF. Here’s some screenshots of the NGRF 2.0

The new transition zone between the surface and Entrance Zone A

View of the transition zone blast doors leading down to the facility.

Unfinished redesigned sublevel 2 lift lobby

View looking upwards at sublevel 2 in the lift shaft.

Sublevel 6 maintenance access

Elevators parked at Facility Level in the NGRF

Inside view of one of the new surface elevators

Wrap Up
This new update will take a decent amount of time to work on however development of it is planned to be faster than the time it took to originally build the NGRF. Thank you for your continued patience during development.