The Grand Chronoscapes - Full Album

Hello, I’m back again and this time I decided to upload the whole batch of tracks up as I feel there’s nothing else to add.

Feel free to send any constructive feedback in terms of mixing and arrangement. I’ll be working on another batch later on using the feedback.

Hence there is the full post I made earlier and its progress: The Grand Chronoscapes - Composing


Can I use these sounds in a game? I will credit you.

I haven’t planned on using them anywhere, and they haven’t been uploaded(to Roblox). Crediting me would be neato. If the SoundCloud link broke, it’s because I swapped to a different username: operatik_se

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Great work! How long have you been making music?

For approximately two years almost. It’s been a long run.


I listen to this more than I do regular music! Really well made!

The titles really fit the music which is great
Whenever I listen to zen mountains I just think of myself laying down in a spring on a foggy mountain with all my problems gone

Wow! What do you use to make music? This is amazing!

I use those software designed to make music and sounds, e.g. DAW(Digital Audio Workstations). For this one, I used Logic Pro and used some bits of Serum at that time.