The introduction of the Alpha unit to Colour

I’m TeaAndCopy.

As a ROBLOX developer, it can be quite annoying when you create numerous GUI elements and then forget to alter the transparency of the element. The well known Color3 feature allows developers to accurately choose from 16,581,375 possible different colours. Recently, the announcement of the new Color3 feature allows developers to have much more ease when choosing between these different rgb values; it would be great to see the introduction of rgba() along with that.

What is rgba()

Red, Green, Blue, Alpha. The Alpha channel specifies the opacity of an object and works in the same way that transparency does.

I believe this is much more efficient than stating the transparency separate from the colours. This feature would be useful for both new and old developers as it allows code to be smaller and cleaner. Rgba could be used for both World objects like parts and for UI objects like text labels.

You could even introduce hsla at some point in the future also.

Please reply with your feedback on this idea.



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