The Lab Build Is Complete! What Do You Think (Please Give Feedback Until June 1st)

Hey Devs!

I have finally completed my Laboratory build! The Laboratory is a build in the starting area in my game next to the neighborhood! I have been getting Feedback and working on this build all day! Thank You all for your ideas! If you have an idea about the Laboratory please tell me! And what would a Laboratory usually have that I can put in it? Would should I add outside the exterior? And if you could change 1 thing about it what would it be? Also please try and give Feedback before June 1st cause when June starts I am working on another section of the map! :smiley:

Thank You!


Absolutely outstanding work! The outside looks like it could have some more imperfections to further improve it. But other than that, good job. The colors all dont contrast much, and it looks pretty good.