The Leaderstats Plugin | EZ Leaderstats! [250+ installs!]

Introducing EZ Leaderstats Plugin


What is EZ Leaderstats?**

EZ Leaderstats plugin Creates Leaderstats for you with DataStore with just One Single Click!

How Many DataStores Does EZ Leaderstats Have?

EZ DataStore Plugin currently has 3 DataStores
Each DataStore has a Unique way of saving!

  • ProfileService (One of the Best DataStores on Roblox, Made by @loleris)
  • DataStore2 (Better Version of the Roblox DataStore, Made by @Kampfkarren)
  • DataStore (Roblox DataStore)

How much does EZ Leaderstats Costs?

It’s free!

How do I use it?

it’s very simple to use just open the Plugin and you will see DataStore options, Just Press Create and it will appear in ServerScriptService!

Pictures of EZ Leaderstats


Install the Plugin Here


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You should make it that you will have a button to add currencys and stuff.


Do you mean like that???
Or what?

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Yeah and an option to add more currencies

Alright, I’ll add that right now.

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I can really use it a lot if you would improve it by the looking of it…
And I think you should name it “Easy Leaderstats” and not “EZ Leaderstats”, “EZ Leaderstats” seems lazy

Alright, Going to change the name…

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Should be changed now…
(Chars limit)

Published a new Update to make the UI looker nicer.
A lot of new features are coming tomorrow!

Will this have the ability to create race times leaderstat? I am having a hard time creating an ordered datastore and leaderboard that can display the fastest race time.

Pretty sure it won’t be fitted to everyone’s personal requests unless the creator wants to do thay.

Yeah, sorry. Hope you find a solution soon though you should probably post a topic in the scripting support category.

Shouldn’t this be on Community Resources?

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Oh, I just saw others do their plugins here, I’ll change it right now thanks for informing me.

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i just downloaded it is pretty nice
and how often this is going to update

A New Update just dropped!!
Make sure to update your plugin

  • You can now use DataStore2 (If you don’t like DataStore2 then use the normal DataStore option.)
  • Normal datastores are safer now.

Coming Later today!

  • Ability to change Currency name and Value in Gui. (delayed, really sorry.)

Instail the EZ Leaderstats plugin here: Easy Leaderstats - Roblox
If you have any feedback Make sure to tell me!

haha i love this. i remember looking around google for a leaderstats script for minutes about 2 years ago now. my past self would of loved this.

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Thanks Mate, Really do appreciate it.


Thank you all for 50 Installs, Lots of stuff coming soon!

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Thank you all for 50 Sales I appreciate it a lot
As a thank you I revamped Everything in the Plugin
Make sure to update your plugin

  • Added a new DataStore (Profile Service)
  • New GUI (Looks way better than the first one)
  • Datastore now has rank Images for the best
  • Changed the Entire source code for the entire plugin.

These are the datastores options you have so far

  • DataStore(Made by Roblox)
  • DataStore2 (Better version of the Roblox one)
  • ProfileService (One of the safest datastores on Roblox)

Picture of the UI

About the Naming currency and starting value

  • I’m releasing this soon.

Install the EZ Leaderstats plugin here:
EZ Leaderstats

Enjoy, Sorry that I took a break from the Plugin I had no motivation But I’m back now!

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