The Mayhem Syndicate Handbook

Please be aware that due to my departure from TMS this is no longer the official TMS handbook.

TMS Handbook

The Mayhem Syndicate is a Roblox group operating at Pinewood Builders facilities. The following document establishes rules and guidelines for TMS as well as promotion requirements.

Ranking System

At the end of each training, members gain 1, 2, 3 or 4 points depending on performance to be added to the database. At the end of raids for points, members receive a certain amount of points depending on both what type of raid it is and your performance in the raid

Once a member has obtained the required amount of points for the next rank, they may attend an evaluation for that rank. While each rank’s evaluation has objective requirements, a member’s past performance, behavior, and attitude will be taken into account.

If a member passes their evaluation, they will be promoted to the next rank. If not, the instructors will decide on a point deduction and optional cooldown so that a member has time to thoroughly practice and train.

General Rules

  1. Do not go out of your way to kill neutrals.
  2. Do not swap from PBST to TMS (or vice versa) during raids.
  3. You may wear any PET suit, but do not help PET stop events, such as the radiation leak, if the event is preventing a meltdown/freezedown from starting you of course can stop that event.
  4. If you have your overhead rank set to TMS, you may not help save the core.
  5. If you have your overhead rank set to TMS, you can not wear PBST uniform.
  6. Do not attack PBST if they are making their way to the security room so they can get their loadouts, if they attack you you can disregard this rule for that fight.
  7. Anyone with a PBST ranktag and uniform is to be killed on sight while on duty for TMS, if they are a Tier 4 you can KoS them if they have a PBST ranktag regardless of uniform and you can also KoS anyone who has either PBST uniform or a PBST ranktag if they are obviously anti-TMS
  8. You are not allowed to grab or have on you PBST tools or PET tools while your overhead rank is set to TMS.
  9. While your overhead rank is set to TMS you are required to wear TMS uniform, custom uniform is only allowed if you are Instructor (+), if you do not want to be onduty for TMS please don’t have your ranktag set to TMS.

Raid Levels

In TMS there are 4 raid levels (levels 0-3)
Level 0 refers to a official non-pointed raid, only Operatives or above can host these though non-Operatives won’t be punished if they claim their raid is a level 0 despite it technically being incorrect.
Level 1 refers to a official raid that gives 0-2 points for the majority of the attendees and a extra 3rd point as a bonus, the raid host is not required to give out this bonus point. Operatives and above can host level 1 raids.
Level 2 refers to a official raid that gives 0-4 points with a 5th bonus point, these can only be hosted by Captains or above
Level 3 refers to a official mega raid, mega raids are raids that happen across multiple servers, mega raids can only be organised by a Instructor or above. Mega raids give 0-6 points for the majority of attendees and a 7th point to 1 person per raid server.


Points Needed: 40 Points
Special Privileges:

  • Access to guns and a stronger crowbar


  • Successful completion of the PBSTAC tall towers in 90 seconds or less
  • Successful completion of either the level 1 SF bot activity or level 1 gun bot activity
  • Given a quiz of 8 questions regarding protocols and core mechanics, answer at least 5 correctly
  • Instructor consensus


Points Needed: 120 Points
Special Privileges:

  • Issue server KoS orders
  • Restrict rooms
  • Host raids for 1-3 points


  • Given 6 questions about specific core situations, answer at least 5 correctly
  • Host a raid with instructor supervision
  • Instructor consensus


Points Needed: 200 Points + Host 10 Raids
Special Privileges:

  • Override restrictions and KoS orders
  • Host raids for 1-5 points


  • Successfully complete bomb barrage level 2
  • Fight the evaluating instructor 3 times. You may choose if you want to do swords or guns for the first 2 rounds. The last round will be whatever you do not choose
  • Instructor consensus. If you pass bomb barrage but fail this section of the evaluation, you will not be able to re-evaluate unless invited


Must be hand-picked by the current instructors and above.

Signed, the TMS administration

Last updated 4/25/2020


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