The most effective types of free advertising

Okay, I was told here on the forum that for a beginner it is better to use free advertising, and here I have a question. What are the types of free advertising and which of them is better to use, as well as whether you can dial 100 online with such advertising in order to get Robux on paid advertising?


If you mean free advertising on Roblox, a lot of people create TikTok’s as a way to promote their game, or YouTube shorts. I would say the easiest and best way to advertise though is through Roblox ads, even though they aren’t free. You can’t get robux other than from buying it yourself, or selling assets on Roblox like shirts. If you do that you could go to a donation game like this PLS DONATE 💸 - Roblox and earn some robux that way.


it’s hard to do so, but you need social media to do that, and i dont have any, make is as appropriate so when someone have restricted mode, then they can see the ads

that is bad because <13 users can’t see ads anymore and that is bad for development.

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It doesn’t matter if your game is not mainly targeted toward 13-. It is not bad for development, only bad for marketing and profits.

half of the players are <13, and if your ad had 25,000 impressions, then it would cut the impressions to 12,500 impressions

Obviously not!
If you only target 13+, your impressions won’t cut.

You could use PLS PLAY:
PLS PLAY :video_game: (Donation Game) - Roblox

It allows you to advertise your game, as well as have gamepasses up for sale.

It generally has about 10 people online at one point in time, and you can expect to get a few visits, and possibly start a snowball effect on visits per month like I saw on my game.