Why is no one playing my game after over 350k impressions?

i dont have thousands of robux to spend and i dont really know how to make good images for ads because i havent made one

What did you spend on the 135k impressions you got?
Think of it this way, Coke and Pepsi don’t have 1 person working on their ads. They have thousands of them for ideas, testing, & feedback.
With a couple ads I made I tried to make them look good, explain exactly what the game was to someone who’s never seen it, and make them interesting as well. The max CTR I think I got was about 1.5%.
But again, we can’t say what the issue is until we see the image(s).

I spent 250 robux on 190k impressions and got only 69 clicks as a sponsored ad
and with a very simple image ad, paying 85 robux, there were 5.6k impressions but only 9 clicks.

Perhaps i should have put a gun image or something more interesting as mine was very boring but I dont have much experience with advertising

Nobody can tell what the game is about with the bame Bullseye. Is it shooting darts, sniping, shooting arrows, eating Bullseye barbeque sauce?
Second you have a picture of palm trees and buildings. Nothing that grabs any attention to make someone want to click on the ad.
Sorry to be harsh, it’s just my opinion.


thanks and i agree, it was kinda a rushed ad, but i could definitely spend some more time on the picture ads but they seem to be less effective

After playing the game, I can say that it would be quite difficult to fit the game’s description in one advertisement. I would use normal Roblox advertisements as well as alternative free advertisements. Alternative free advertisements are also usually capable of fitting more content in them, so you could describe your game a lot better than a normal advertisement.

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great ill try those
by the way how was the game

It’s really good, I got a nice little surprise when I chose the Heavy class. However, the Infantry class was broken in the Zombies mode, and there wasn’t really a limit on how big or small you could make the FOV. Yeah, there was kinda a limit of 120 FOV, but if you made it too high, it would break the system. But overall, it’s an amazing game, can’t wait to see updates in the future.

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thank you for the feedback so much, i put so far only 2 months into making it and its going alright, but i still got a lot of bugs to fix about the fov. roblox locks the fov to max 120 but i feel i think the fov in my game feels clunky

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention, the sensitivity when you use any kind of scoped gun is a little bit high, I can’t lie. Should be an easy fix though.

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you could use Blender though. It’s hard but good

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One of the first things I noticed when I tried to play zombies is that the game just looks unfinished, a lot of the buildings on the map don’t even have any terrain under them in some spots. It even looked like it was possible to fall through the map since the terrain had holes in a few spots.

As far as gameplay goes, the description for the infantry class says i should get a gun…but I only spawn in with a knife and there is no sort of tutorial that explains how I can get a gun. Don’t just leave your players to figure this stuff out on their own, people are just gonna leave out of frustration.

im aware of those things and im actually working on it right now which is why that happened lol

also i dont get what you mean by holes in the map’s terrain but maybe it was just someone that might have been playing that server before and blew holes in the ground with nades

i fixed infantry though but look

Lmao, that was me, I put those holes in the ground. That was pretty fun.

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yeeeeah that gun is just slightly overpowered

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Not even joking, I spent like an hour just using the shartgun on the ground.

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nice lol. its funny when you go on the desert map on KOTH and you blow other people up or you blow up all the cars

anyways i am starting to make an ad that is more colorful, has a better background, shows some idea of what the game is and looks good, i will show when i’m done

I think this is okay, but i need feedback on this one