The Mystery of Duvall Drive: A Vistech Showcase


We are very excited to share out latest Vistech (Visual-Technical) Showcase! This time, we take you from a far flung black hole to a mysterious house in the Pacific North-West. Road trips are often memorable and life-changing, but this particular trip changes the fabric of reality!

The Mystery of Duvall Drive

Like the last showcase, we wanted to push the boundaries of the engine, while showing that you can also make complex experiences accessible to the broader mobile audience! Be sure to check out the experience here.

Why do we make these Experiences?

  1. We built these showcases to dive deep into our own technologies and show you and our own teams what Studio is capable of!
  2. Roblox is an ever-growing platform, and we’re always looking to improve. By pushing the boundaries of these technologies together, we can see where to improve, optimize, and evolve!
  3. We wanted to give you the assets and documentation to assist you while creating your own amazing experiences!

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to create memorable experiences on Roblox regardless of how big your team is, or if you’re working solo.

How did we do it?

A major part of why we built these was to show developers how they can use some of the most recent features to make their experiences rich and immersive. To that end, the place file itself is free to copy, including all its contents. We will also be releasing endorsed model packs from the experience to use in your own!

  • House Furnishing Pack
  • House Props Pack
  • Landscaping Pack
  • Material Variants Pack

Lastly, we have also written a How-To doc with useful tips-n-tricks like:


We would like to thank everyone in the community for pushing the boundaries in your own games and experiences. The work you do is the reason why we do our own. This world is ours for the making!

[Update - Sept 30] Endorsed Packs


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It looks just amazing! :grinning: Even, not everyone powerful computers, can cope with such atmospheric graphics. Thank you for the great work you have done! Keep up the good work!


Superb quality! Can’t wait for the day all experiences on Roblox look like this and the previous showcase. Unfortunately, my 2080 Ti struggles to surpass 45 fps, so it looks like we’ve still got a ways to go.

Very impressive nonetheless.


Very fun and immersive experience. It’s incredible what you can do with effort, passion and dedication.


This really showcases what Roblox engine is capable of.

Also, uncopylocked is amazing.
So many assets.
I’m gonna re-use every single one. Bless


I know it’s meant to be “just a showcase”, but it is non-ironically a great game.


Beautiful game. Was getting about 30 fps on max graphics on my M2 MacBook Air. Still waiting for Apple Silicon support :pray:


We all know what Roblox Studio is capable of doing, is an amazing engine to build on, but is not what the front page shows sadly.

Either way, thanks I will enjoy for sure my walkthrough on these amazing games!


The place looks amazing! I’ll have to check it out further.

However when I click the house plan in your post to expand the image it takes me to the home page.
You may want to edit the post to allow people to expand the picture, or have it send people to the same place as the ‘How-To’ link.


Getting 45+ fps with a GTX 1060 3gb vram & i7-7700 cpu.
A lot more optimization could be done for this showcase but it would partially defeat the purpose of showing the limits of Roblox and where to improve the engine. And that also makes it easier for devs to take use of all the assets and scripts the place provides us.


Great catch! Fixed that on our end. Thanks!


i can’t download and edit the game


The game is REALLY laggy, especially for mobile, I got sent to the roblox homepage because I lagged so hard

Second of all, I spawned on the roof, I didnt think that should happen because everyone else spawned inside

The design is okay, but it could be better, there is this glob of dirt by the dumpster

I didnt have a good experience :sad:


Great showcase! There’s a lot of things you can do with the Roblox engine, and this only proves it.

Unfortunately, even though the the Roblox engine is quite exceptional, with it being super underestimated and unappreciated, it still lacks the optimization it really needs. Playing at max graphics, my device because quite hot to the touch, which prompted me to leave the game (this was in the main showcase). Then I tried with lower graphics (6) and it still overheated.

Using an iPhone 13.

Quick video of the masterpiece!

(Compression due to discourse limitations. The quality is much higher than this):

A very powerful engine with unlimited possibilities, but only lacking within efficiency. Keep it up Roblox!


The Pacific Northwest seems a little cliche as a setting for a haunted house, but everything else is fine.
EDIT: The fact that I have the RTX 3090 is a little concerning as I had as low as 22 FPS.


How did you guys manage to get the Neon material to work with a texture for the purple part of the big eyeball in the sky?

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My Pixel 4a got pretty hot but that’s the case with most Roblox games honestly.

It’s still nothing compared to playing Roblox on an ultrabook lol

This is very different from most events. Great to see! There are some problems with lag though, even on Studio. Still that’s a lot of cool assets.

Please try now, it should work.