The Nest Team -- Multiple Vacancies | Long Term | USD / Robux | Big Project -- [HIRING NOW!]

I would have assumed that my builds do not meet your standards? If so, that’s completely fine, it’s more of a driving point to push myself further and learn more. Just dm back so I know ! :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, I just want to see everyone’s work before I contact anyone! :slight_smile: @Laxona


Oh! Sorry if I sounded too forward. I got a bit impatient. Take your time, everyones work here looks phenominal. Tight pick! :slight_smile:

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@Speedy2662 I’ve PMed you via DevForum a list of my past work! Hope it fits your criteria!

Hello I am also interested, it is easier to contact me via Badle_Yt#8685 or review my portfolio:

Hello. My name is SkyKurr and I am a experienced and high quality programmer/scripter here on roblox. I have worked with many studios and working with one now as a part time job. I am hoping this could become my other part time job along with that since I will not be making revenue from that other job until release. I do have much experience, and this video will be only showing part. My discord is SkyKurr#9748 and it would be great if you can contact me back.

- Use this link to download the video.

SkyKurr || Programming/Composing Portfolio/CV Closed - This is my portfolio with anything experience related.

Hey, how would we know if you added us? Whats your disc?

It’s Speedy#2662!

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Hey there!

I am a programmer, looking for a job like this! Please contact me via Discord, Crrustyy#0447, speak with you soon!

Hello! This project sounds interesting, so i’ll go ahead and apply.
Here is my portfolio + discord:


I look forward to talking to you soon!

@Speedy2662- I sent you a long message about my UI work because I haven’t made my full portfolio yet.

I sent my portfolio in PM’s, if you have any questions you can ask there.

Hey! I would be interested in the builder position if there’s any vacancies. My discord is Cammuy#1006

very interested, ross.#4554 on discord

I have DM’ed you with my portfolio. Add me on Discord if interested. Rezault#5867

Would it be possible you could be hiring a Composer?
It says you aren’t accepting friend requests, so here’s mine (DISCORD)

It’s something I’d definitely consider! Please PM or post your portfolio :slight_smile:

Anyone else that hasn’t sent me their portfolio via PM or on here, please do so! :slight_smile:

Hey. When will I know if we were accepted or not? I sent in a response on this yesterday and haven’t heard stuff back. Thanks.

If I’m interested in working together you should hear back within ~48 hours - I need to review all of you wonderful devs here first and I’ve been a little busy today. <3

Okay, thanks for letting me know.