The Nest Team -- Multiple Vacancies | Long Term | USD / Robux | Big Project -- [HIRING NOW!]

I have PMed my portfolio! Feel free to ask me any questions.

Vouch for Speedy, great guy, this is an awesome opportunity for anyone looking to work with them :slight_smile:

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I’m not able to message you on twitter, but mine is @midzane1, and my discord is kyle.#6196. I am very interested in this project and think I could be a good fit. Let me know!

p.s. - I’ll send my work on either of those since I’ve yet to set up a portfolio on here.

Im a UI Designer!

Hi! I’m an experienced UI designer who has worked on multiple large-scaled projects before. I am able to import and my style is very flexible.

Here’s my portfolio: EGOTISMS: The leading UI/UX Designer [AVAILABLE FOR BRAND DEALS & MORE]

I’ve followed you on Twitter but cannot message you. We can arrange DMs so that I can show you recent work. V.#8916


I’m interested in joining as a builder if it’s still open.
Here’s my portfolio: Outfoxing’s Portfolio :grinning:

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Hello I am also interested, it is easier to contact me via Badle_Yt#8685 or review my portfolio:

I am only asking for a discord message is that according to twitter you cannot be messaged, i am assuming this is because there are no more spaces, so could you possibly check that out or display in the title if this is open? Thanks Badle

I am capable of designing low-poly props for your map.

Here is my portfolio:

Interested! I’d love to work with you, as I specialize in low poly builds!

Discord: AVO#0533
ROBLOX: a_voc


I’m interested! : D

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Hey, I’m interested in the UI Designer position, that’s if its still open.

Here’s my portfolio - [Open] se_TQ | UI Designer

You can also contact me at my Discord - Dave_#0895


I sent a message through DevForum about 2 days ago, when will I get a response?

Hey guys!

I’ve reviewed all of you talented people that left a reply on this thread & PM’ed me. Those who wish to contact me via Twitter need to include their portfolio in a tweet to me :slight_smile:

It was difficult to make these decisions as you’re all really talented - that being said I’ve contacted a few people over Discord to discuss more.
That doesn’t mean that if you didn’t receive a message from me that I’m not interested - I may be in touch at some point in the future!
Therefore, those who haven’t yet had a chance to post their portfolios can still do so below.

Thank you all once again!


I’m @RazorBladedino117#5440 , a scripter! I prefer communications via Discord. I left my User Tag earlier :slight_smile: . Hopefully we can chat there rather than on the DevForum? Thanks!

Hey there!

You can contact me over on discord: Veesom#4334

Many thanks!

I work with this 3d modeler bossman76879#3514 hes really good and he always gets the job done!

Hi, I’m a low-poly builder I prefer contacting you in discord
Here’s my discord: aguilarrover#0037

I would like to apply if a job is still open for builder :slight_smile: RoadmanBruno | Builder Portfolio [OPEN]

Hey there! Awesome looking offer, I’m interested in the scripting position.

Discord: poly#2797
Twitter: @polypastel