The new animation editor no longer animates my firearm models

The verison of the editor we had pre this announcement New Animation Editor - Out of Beta and Live for All would properly play my firearm animations, the new one does not. The animation rig has not changed, only the animation editor plugins.

Seen in the picture above is the editor with my animation loaded. It detects all the joints, but it does not animate them during playback.

The image above shows where it places drag handles when selecting the Base joint of the gun that connects it to the right hand. Clicking any body part on the character properly positions the drag handles.

Seen above is the hierarchy of the character model rigged with the firearm, some of the image has been cut off since it just contains normal R15 joints.

repro steps:

  1. open the new editor
  2. click on my rig to load it into the editor
  3. observe none of the firearm poses functioning

At no point did the animation editor ever output any errors or warnings in the output window.

I can repro this behavior on every gun model I have (50 of them) 100% of the time. This is a huge blocker to my workflow and release schedule, and there is no way to revert to an older version of the first party animation editor.

A repro model/place is available upon request, please DM me for it since the assets are private.


Looking into this issue asap. Will DM for model!