The new CoreGui is a downgrade

All mobile users who enable chat usually want to immediately talk in it, because it takes up like half the screen. So Roblox point of not having to lift your hand from the thumb stick is really just extra words.


I didn’t even think about that when I saw the new UI I was just thinking about how rubbish this update was and how it’s useless since they took up space by

  1. making the buttons bigger
  2. moving the chat button in an unconvenient place
  3. adding extra buttons that do the SAME THING when THERE IS ALREADY 1 BUTTON FOR THAT AND 1 BUTTON IS ENOUGH

and how this update is a really bad one and kinda stupid to be honest

and now I realise how much hard work ForeverHD will have to go through to make topBarPlus work with this :sob:


Mobile users have two hands available for navigating and it’s much less disruptive for them to press the button with their right hand and then use their left hand to tap in chat. Desktop users have it worse off, and yet ultimately it still feels fine. The announce wording is a bit fluffy on that one specific point, but I don’t see why you’re replying this to me.

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Developers using that space have compensated for its dynamic nature (e.g. topbar plus or custom code), or else watch their games like hawks and can react. Developers disabling options to hide the corner button and then blindly using that space without anticipating breakage once in a few years are doing it wrong. There is no API to hide the button, only options that show up in it, which is a clear hint that you shouldn’t rely on its visibility.

I’ve seen this corner used, sure. But not often in a way that is unable to be trivially adjusted around the corner button.

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While yes, it is certainly possible to work around this UI update, it isn’t ideal. Two buttons on either corner of the screen limits the space available for developers to control and creates clutter to players who may just simply wish to play the game without UI obstructions (think first-person games in-where interacting with the right-hand icon will almost never occur). The right-hand icon was never required (whether intentional or not) in the past, so all of a sudden requiring it will create issues in at least some experiences.

I personally have already tried out this UI in my test FPS game and I hate it, rather than being able to look directly at the top right of my screen to view health, I must look slightly to the left of the top-right. While this is a minor change, minor changes can still harm user experience. In my opinion, forced UI elements should be kept to a minimum and they should only exist for player safety and / or for critical compliance reasons, while it could be argued that player reporting and voice chat / camera access are related to player safety and therefore it should be kept as mandatory, these options appear elsewhere in the left icon’s menu and as a result I don’t personally believe these options should be mandatory.


Don’t worry ForeverHD will be fine.

I do find it annoying that I have to redesign my top bar but, honestly, the changes aren’t that bad. I’m not a fan of a lot of things these days (look at my post history lol) but, the modernization of these elements is better than the old garbage we had before. There are a lot of bugs but, that’s to be expected.

Freedom for you is less freedom for Roblox. Every time a person takes a screenshot or video, the logo appears and people flock to this site. It’s brand recognition for free. That’s what it’s really designed for and why it’s forced.

I’ve asked for this exact thing for years now. Got essentially, hated for it. Allow default in-game logo menu button to be hidden on desktop

They have, time and time again, proven that Roblox’s vision ranks supreme and that developer’s artistic intent is considered but, not as much as people think. It matters enough for this forum to exist but, again, we don’t know what happens behind close doors and every company needs to make money.

Roblox isn’t “big bad corp” but, it isn’t the “oh we’ll just provide everything people want and ask for” even when certain things… they really, really should. Funny enough, 2010 - 2012 era where communication was literally sponsored events or a blog post at random times, updates would be pushed and things would always break. And then, exploiters and whatnot would go rampant.

So it’s been slow but, definitely a step up even if the standards were low.


This still doesn’t change the fact that corner space is very valuable for game UIs. Corners are nice for tucking away larger, important elements such as minimaps or leaderbaords without getting in the way of the actual game. Even if Roblox hasn’t made any guarantees about the top right corner of the screen, that alone doesn’t justify limiting the usage of it.


From what I’ve heard, there are shortcuts that can be used in Roblox Studio to hide both “experience GUI” (CTRL+SHIFT+C) and CoreGui (CTRL+SHIFT+G), but I don’t believe I’ve had any luck with getting them to work there.

Outside of Studio, those shortcuts (and CTRL+SHIFT+B to hide BillboardGuis) work if you edit a specific flag to refer to a group that you’re in. If using Bloxstrap, it changes that to point to their group, and it works really well. I think this should just work for all players on computers without requiring them to be in any group, since it’s the only way (without exploits) to take clean screenshots and record videos (if the developer bothers to let the player use the freecam) of nice looking experiences.

Exactly. The whole right-side “MRU” menu should be able to be hidden by developers, moving all of the important menu items within it into the Roblox menu (and the chat button would return to its former, more logical positioning).


The new top bar has actually broken my use with mouse coordinates for a drawing system. Whenever i draw, the line is now offset down by a few pixels. I think the topbar size has changed from 36 pixels to something else now


-- read the original announcement it literally says that it has. now there is a variable you can read to get the exact height of the topbar

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While I do agree it is useless at its currents state but it is a good concept; I believe it should be used strictly for useful shortcuts for example: reset character, invite friends.

They should also add a feature to allow developers to add their own shortcuts (add a limit so there is no spam) this can be applied to simulators for rebirths and building games like bloxburg where someone can quickly bulldoze their property!

If implemented well it should make using the client a lot easier and more intuitive.

But they should also add an option in the setting to use the old ui style.

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There was an announcement for this? Is it old? cause I can’t seem a recent announcement on this at all

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I fully agree on this. That new top right corner button is pretty, poor. Even if I could disable it with CoreGui, it wouldn’t be so bad, but I cannot, which is really annoying because I have many games and projects that rely on a nice clean empty space on the corner for buttons and information.


100% agree, should at least be able to revert to the old style with some sort of method, should also be included as part of the CoreGUIType.All option.

This is yet another example of engineers making unnecessary changes with zero concern for developers, do better ROBLOX.


Unfortunately, those keys do not function for me so I am ultimately remained stuck to this ugly CoreGUI Top Bar that we cannot disable. I have never used the top bar icons even for the mobile player since I am more comfortable using the back arrow on my android device thanks to it having OneUI.

Currently I have to take screenshots inside Roblox Studio where I do not see the top bar visible but I am limited to what I can do until I have to use the Play button such as capturing UI working and more. This is the worst watermark I’ve seen in my entire life.

Emerging problems with Top Bars is that your phone will eventually BURN the top bar into your OLED Display thus turning your phone a pink-ish colour tone that is difficult to get rid of without a screen repair. I can testify from experience because I still have tiktok burnt into my old phone to the point I can see the icons clearly stand out more than anything else.


It’s here.

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why is it so UGLY? the older coregui were better looking than this



Anything on earth with consistent UI is prone to burn-in (see: any mobile game). Genuinely, the icons on that screenshot do not stand out at all. If you’re looking to take screenshots too, I recall there being a hotkey combo that will hide coregui for developers.

@Crimsonisms ??? The first one is hideous. The second one is pretty minimalistic I guess, but I don’t see what you’re calling ugly with the new design. I find it pretty slick. People will make up anything to justify why they hate change. If it’s the positioning you hate, focus on that.


its distracting & takes up so much useful space