The new CoreGui is a downgrade

There is a theme for TopBarPlus already for the new top bar. Here’s the link: NewUI [updated] - Roblox

Although I barely read much of the post, I agree with it being a downgrade, I think it looks awful and is in the way for your own UIs.

Roblox releases both good and bad updates, however for a hot minute or years, it has been a lot of bad updates (in my opinion), especially for the community/player part of the game, not that much on the developer part :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah yeah, I am just complaining however I wish that roblox would be more similar to the way it was a few years back, let’s say around 2019, when robux still was R$ and buildersclub was buildersclub and not freaking “premium” (like any other website) :sob:

Even though I am relatively new to the platform (been here since february 2017), I still very much dislike what the platform has become, sure, roblox is getting more young people onto the platform, I am not saying that it is bad or anything, however, the platform is not safe for small children (<13), you know that.

I could accept UGC as it was in the beginning, however it has gone too far, the UGC market is freaked, the economics are freaked (just like where I live irl), collectables should never have been a thing, dynamic heads looks bad and are scary and should not be replacing our beloved 2D faces, when using 3D clothing you do not put 3D clothing onto your avatar, you become the 3D clothing as it takes up so much space.

Please roblox, don’t call the og clothes “classic clothing”, just call them clothing (like it used to) and call 3D clothes “3D clothing”.

I know that they would never reverse any of their bigger updates, however only to reverse the robux icon back to R$ and premium back to buildersclub (also stopping the creation of any new ugc collectables) would make such a huge different, at least for me.

this will most likely be removed for off-topic however roblox really are digging a grave for themself and their players who been on the platform for at least a couple of years (~4+)

Personally, I’d much prefer if Roblox would just resize the game-view, and create a proper topbar; as it’s my belief that developers should own the entirety of their game’s screenspace, without having to worry about future Core UI updates clashing with their existing designs.

If Roblox intends to preserve their strict stance against 3rd party clients, it would be in everyone’s best interest to ensure that the official interface remains unintrusive. This whole approach of trying to seamlessly force Core UI elements into developers’ games, while simultaneously upholding those menus as immutably sacred, has been flawed from its inception, and does not work. Ideally, Core UI (the subset of Roblox UI which cannot be altered) should be entirely distinctive from developer UI–the two scarcely in interference.


Don’t know about you, but the NEW icons are super visible and they will burn into my OLED display guaranteed, although there is a purpose for mobile devices to have these UI Buttons that lead to the menu, why not just add a white Roblox icon with a drop shadow top left that is tiny but visible so you can still see your screen.

Now for PC this is a different story, there is no purpose served for these buttons are people already use ESC and Tab keys because let’s be real here, we all have keyboards. I would also like to note that all the games I PLAY lock my mouse in the middle so I can’t even click them. Purpose is laughable there, I want to stress the fact I don’t want this removed for developers who still want the top bar for their game but mainly allow some developers to hide it if they please to.

Especially since the padding is also UNEVEN WHICH ANNOYS ME TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

If you have other points to add, please DM me first before hitting reply so we can debate there :slight_smile:

Personally I do enjoy this new UI, looks clean and modern and I like the little live view of your avatar.


This UI is very buggy. The inset system is really messed up which does mess with custom topbar ui. And some button placements don’t make sense.

A personal gripe of mine is that the chat toggle is so far away from the chat window, and having a wide-screen monitor makes it worse.

Adding on to my critism with the absolutely cumbersome menu, I hate how you have to click alot just to get through some stuff like showing and hiding the leaderboard.

The UI is also odd with the padding but that’s a small issue I really don’t notice too much.

Since this is a beta after all, I do hope the final product fixes the weird inconsistencies with the inset stuff.

I already developed a module that replicates behavior like tooltips and menus 1:1, not sure if forever hd plans to support those

I completely agree. I honestly think it looks much worse than the previous CoreGUI, or even the one used before that. It seems that yet again, Roblox is letting mobile hold them back.

ForeverHD went inactive a while ago, not sure when will he come back again but the probability of TB+ getting updated is not high.


this is what i hate the most about new CoreGui, the chat toggle is placed in THE LEAST CONVINIENT PLACE A HUMAN COULD EVER IMAGINE.


The new roblox ui should be revoked, you can disable it in beta features.

even if they fix all the bugs and stuff, I’ll still dislike because it looks bad lol


This is true. As for why, he told me he’s taking time off from software development because of other interests that started working out. It is unknown on when he will come back.

if you use Bloxstrap. you can enable this feature on the client

Bruh… This is even worse topbar… Keep it how it is.


I literally made a DevForum post about how I can make TopBarPlus look seamless with GUI because right now it looks awful together.