The New Experience is Finally Here! (Conquest!) Pt. 4 of 4

Hey everyone! Thanks for your patience and support through out the development process of this game Conquest! This is the last part of this development series of this game. :slightly_smiling_face:
This is my first ever finished big game project.

What is Conquest?

Conquest! is a classic style, tower defense game about working together with two or more players each team. Each team starts with two primary buildings that supplies resources. Each map has a lot of unique landmarks that sometimes include special gears, puzzles, and many prizes. And also natural resources that can be crafted to many things. Build defenses to protect your team.

I sometimes host special events so stay tuned to more updates!

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Game Link

Conquest! - Roblox


If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, constructive criticism or any bugs you encounter. Feel free to reply! I would like to hear your thoughts on this game as it develops. Any feedback is appreciated!

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Just by looking at the pictures I can tell you spend a lot of time on this. I think it looks really cool and I am for sure going to check it out.

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Thank you for your kind feedback! Just to let you know, to start the game it requires at least 4 players.