The new "Save to roblox" feature and crashes don't mix

The problem:

As a Roblox developer, I regularly use the “Save to Roblox” feature to work on features before release, however I’ve run into the same issue over and over again. If Roblox studio crashes, or my computer crashes, and i re-open the auto-save file, i have to associate the place with the game, which can only be done through publish. Because of this, I am forced to publish and then go to the game and revert, however if a game has lots of players, players may start new servers of the unfinished progress.

This happens all the time, and I can’t find any other way to fix it, other than manually copying over content from a new edit session, which is very tedious and only takes away development time.

The solution
Make “Save to Roblox” work with unpublished/unassociated place files, or add a way to link the place file with the game universe.


I agree to this because on my old computer if I open up a huge game it would crash and also do it when I build for like 1 hour to 3 hours.

This sounds like a feature request more than a bug? If this is a bug can you describe the issues you are having an exact steps to repro?

If this is a feature request please post this in Studio Feature Requests.