The problem with images on the activity section

I don’t really know how to phrase this right, but it has to do with the words you decided to save for an image. This concern lies from the activity section of someones profile. Just take a look at this screenshot:

As you can see, the circled words are the one I used to save the image as. I’m worried if people can post their seemingly harmless images with profanity and bypass the system. After all, there is a rule where you aren’t allowed to write obscene words in the forum, so I’m wondering if this can be solved.

If you see inappropriate text then just flag the post like you flag anything else for breaking the rules.

My problem here is that you have to check someones profile to even see these text, which you don’t normally do.

Ok so if it can’t be seen then what is the issue??? lol

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It still can be seen, it just requires people to take extra steps to see them.

Then that is your problem for going out of your way to see that. If you do by accident just flag the post. Problem solved.

This will be quite complicated though. If you wanted to flag their post, you’d have to go to the topic where their post is at, where the text obviously isn’t visible. Once the moderators take a look at it, they only see the image and not the words.
They may have to take a look at the persons profile and scroll down the activity section to even find that certain post, so it doesn’t seem simple. Well, for a normal member that is.
Maybe someone from the Community post approval can give more insight to this.

I don’t know why you are making this an issue. I am pretty sure if you are over 13 you can handle a profane word or two. If you happen to see the profane word then just take a screenshot of it and include it in the flag report. Include repro steps to seeing it.

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I’m just concerned if there are trolls who will do some…things. I can take some profanity, but it might just be taken to an extreme level out there. Anyone can easily photoshop a photo to make a person look guilty, so it might not be reliable.

Actually, when hovering over an image, you can already see the download file’s name from the tooltip and then the little bottom header that Discourse provides.

It’s a lot easier to find a file name than the way you were doing it, but I don’t know if it would be much of an issue. Not sure why someone would try to bypass using photos counting a lot of users wouldn’t notice the file name. Swearing isn’t censored on the forums so I’m not sure why they would add a censor for file names. If you wanted to swear right now, you could. So if trollers wanted to say something bad, they could already.

Best thing to do is if you DO notice this as an issue, is to report it to staff.


This is a professional platform, so nobody should be photoshopping anything or using inspect element to make it seem like users have said something they haven’t. This thread is more focused on hypothetical scenarios than actual problems. I have yet to find a post with an inappropriate image name.

If you find anything inappropriate, flag it.

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the forum is moderated daily by staff members and there is also the post approval team just incase anything is bypassed.

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I didn’t know about that, quite interesting actually. I originally thought the images don’t really get filtered if it has profane words. Thanks for the info.

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Just a quick correction: post approval (nor sages) handle flags or user moderation otherwise. Post approvals can’t do much other than rename a post, change the tags or recategorize the post. Sages can do more though like locking topics, hiding them, editing bodies, and moving replies too.

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Post Approval isn’t in all parts of the forum, from my understanding. Though staff will typically respond quickly to reports if something was reported.

You could clarify that it’s the file name you’re reporting if you do end up reporting it in the “Other” section.

oh, don’t really know the perks but just know that if someone does post anything profane on the forums then it’ll obviously be taken down - it’s much faster than the process on Roblox.

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Also might I add that many users have screen-capturing programs that conveniently copy the image to their clipboard for easy pasting so the image is not from a file. For me I use ShareX and I have it upload to imgur, where the image ID can not be inappropriate.

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Also, last time I checked as long as swearing wasn’t directly at another person it wasn’t filtered or flagged? don’t know though

It’s never been filtered by default (I haven’t tested ALL of the swear words in the word to test this theory but I’ve seen plenty usage of swear words being used on the forums so far), but users will almost always report or flag the post if someone is caught swearing.

Flags are always done by the community, from my understanding. I don’t know if a machine will automatically flag a post or not.

This is referred to as alt text. Sample:
description of my image
It shows up when an image fails to load, and is necessary for blind user’s accessibility. It shouldn’t be removed. Also, swearing is allowed in private sections, so this isn’t really an issue anyway.