The ROBLOX Client needs to start being less bad

This means:

  • Stop stealing focus every five seconds while updating, preventing me from doing anything but watch ROBLOX update
  • Stop creating new folders when updating, resulting in ROBLOX needing to be added to the firewall every time it updates
  • Stop stealing my input when playing the game (It’s beyond annoying that I have to tab out of ROBLOX to use a custom screenshot program (edit: and volume/music control keys on keyboard) because the ROBLOX client thinks it’s the most important thing in the world and doesn’t let any input out)
  • Stop being set to AlwaysOnTop (I want to be able to tab into other programs without minimizing ROBLOX – currently if I do this, the other program becomes active but because ROBLOX is set to AlwaysOnTop it’s still covering the active window)

These are some of the most laughably archaic, stupidly simple, and arguably most annoying problems that have plagued the ROBLOX client since the dawn of time. Please aim to fix at least some of these in the near future.


Firewall issues are slightly annoying, but I can’t say I’ve had an issue with your other 3 problems.
What screen capture software are you using?

ShareX. It also prevents AHK from detecting input, meaning I can’t use any macros (running the AHK scripts as an administrator does not allow them to detect input intercepted by the ROBLOX client)

I have no trouble using prntscr or gyazo.

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I’ve found all of these points to be annoying for years. I like to use the volume wheel on my keyboard, but roblox eats it. Same problem with screenshots, I have to unfocus the window first when using Greenshot.

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I got VirtuaWin, which allows me to put windows on another (virtual) desktop.
I’ve got it set up that when a window on another desktop requests focus, it gets ignored.
(Well, I added a custom rule for Chrome, so IRCCloud and GMail etc still come trough)
Whenever ROBLOX updates, I just put it on the another desktop and switch back.

What I do is just a solution to one of the problems.
All those problems are very annoying and obviously unwanted and unneeded.

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I saw the thread title and thought it was a little unreasonable/over-the-top, then I read your post and fully agreed with it lol

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  1. Haven’t had this issue, are you using an older version of windows?
  2. Yes
  3. This is also notable when trying to use media/volume controls, quite annoying
  4. I just tested, even with fullscreen (f11), I can still do whatever I want on top of it. Could it be your version of windows? (I am running Windows 10)

I’m using Windows 10 (latest build). I’m also using Firefox if that makes a difference. Maybe you just haven’t noticed it? Go uninstall the ROBLOX client, play a game to re-install it, and immediately try to type up a thread or something and ROBLOX will continually take focus away from where you’re typing. Should happen every time.

I haven’t had this issue until recently, and after I used AHK to force-disable AlwaysOnTop I haven’t had any issues with it, even after restarting the client. I noticed that if you go to a different window other than the one you launched the game from, when ROBLOX starts it’ll appear on top of the main monitor, but the game window isn’t focused. I’m wondering if ROBLOX possibly enables AlwaysOnTop to bring it to the front of the screen without stealing focus in this case, and somehow AlwaysOnTop wasn’t disabled properly when that happened one time.

Oh my god… yes… This has annoyed the hell out of me.

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I agree with all of these points. I don’t think I have as strong of feelings as you do about them, but I do agree.

The whole creating a new folder part is quite annoying. ROBLOX doesn’t really “update” but more-so downloads the entire new version. Someone brought up a similar point like a year or 2 ago (I forget who). It would be cool if ROBLOX had proper updating.

That all being said, I’m still quite fine with where things are.


It’s funny because all of these things don’t happen on Roblox for OS X.


There is a pretty major refactor underway to how roblox on windows works, so some of these issues may go away. I think the always on top thing is still there, I’ll have to look into this. At least we behave like an actual window though! At lot of games on steam that I play are pretty terrible at acting like an actual window.


I agree with the firewall thing. None of this happens to me on my mac tho except the firewall sometimes