The Robux exchange rate and monthly cash out limit is increasing!


That's great !:stuck_out_tongue:

Is there going to be a way to check how much Robux we need to cash out before we can start cashing out at the new rate? I usually only cash out when I need it, and just wondering if I have to keep track myself w/ my current balance.


I hope that soon the OBC requirement will be lifted and BC/TBC yearly users will be able to cashout.


I guess you're gonna need to count it for yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you so much!


Yay, now I can dream more about getting the ez robux!!!


With this extra money I'm gonna fly over and hug each and every one of the staff at roblox


Protip: 285.7 (or just round up to 286 robux) = 1$ in devex


Rounding it isn't exact (obviously) but it may be more intuitive than dealing with .0035


If I have 250k now, and I earn 750k and DevEx, will I get 25% of the money at the rate of 0.0025, and 75% at the rate of 0.0035, or will it use the new ratios?




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Having several maps (or areas of a big map) divided into whole universes. Easier for people to see which servers there are and pick a (VIP) server (with friends). Would be annoying to share data, would need to use a webserver.

such a crazy idea, but it actually sounds... kind of interesting... and would be fun if the front page was just literally filled with maps of one big game


I'm particularly concerned as to how we're going to be able to tell how much we need to cash out as I have a mix of robux from games and limiteds, and I have no idea how much of it I can devex.


Quick question for @JParty

I currently have 3 robux (so rich) on my account. If I were to dev ex in the future (when I have more robux), would all of it be using the old rates? If so, why is it I would have to use the old rates for $0.0075 USD?


Yay! Thanks guys. Now motivated to spend extra time developing.


Let say you have 1,500,000 R$ as an example. You take out 1,000,000. Would this be cashed out at the old rates? Would next month be the old rates as well, even if you were to make 500,000 and take out 1,000,000 R$ again, since you had 500,000 R$ left over?


This is amazing. I wonder if there will be any noticable impact with regards to competition now that robux is worth more all around. Like if I dont lower my prices, would I feel a 35% increase rather than the full 40%. Hard to gauge this tho


Seriously proud that it has come to this. Congrats to everyone, nice to see that old robux "cash-out value" wasn't affected, as people who cashed out recently shouldn't be distraught by this.


Would it be possible to cancel current pend and send another for an increased rate? The new rate makes it quite a bit of difference for me.


No thats not how it works. All robux earned before today is worth $.0025. So youre slightly ahead of the curve since you just cashed out, but you can rest easy knowing you arent losing out on any USD


I believe it would cash out the 500k you earned today onwards at the new rates, and the old 500k at the old rates.